Alan Tuck Wins By Any Means With Fellow Warriors iRoc Omega & Bobby John

The Toronto artist comes to play with a rap-rock anthem to the power of persistence.

Alan Tuck wades into battle on his new single By Any Means (Warriors) — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Boasting contributions from Chicago rapper iRoc Omega and Montreal rocker Bobby John, the independent Toronto artist’s latest single is a high-octane, blood-pumping rock-rap anthem bolstered by a heartwarming backstory.

Just as he’s dedicated to his chosen craft, Tuck is also a committed parent. His life revolves around his teenage son Aiden — and from September to April, that means countless days and nights spent at the ice rink, shuttling him to and from his practices and games. It was here that he found inspiration for By Any Means (Warriors). Tuck penned the track for Aiden’s team to listen to before games, motivating them to give it everything they had and leave it all on the ice.

During the dog days of summer 2023, Tuck laid down the lyrics and initial recording of the track. Knowing he had something special, he reached out to Omega. Though they’d never met before, Omega dug the beat and energy of the track and immediately agreed to hop on it. Having secured Omega’s brilliant rap verse, Tuck enlisted John to add the rock flavour he desired.

Working together, the trio put the final touches on By Any Means (Warriors), three minutes of feel-good motivation. But even though it’s a sports anthem, you don’t have to play to catch the vibe. Tuck, Omega, and John adeptly speak to the power of persistence, dedication and determination to give your all to the things you care about — be it your job, family or team.

Check out By Any Means (Warriors) above, hear more from Alan Tuck below, and get in the game on his website, Facebook and Instagram.


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