Z Chambers Serenades You With The Sweetest Lies

The L.A. singer-songwriter shares his relationship woes on his revealing new EP.

Z Chambers shares some hard truths on his new EP Sweetest Lies — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Inspired by the L.A. singer-songwriter’s experiences and frustrations in relationships, each song on the four-track release is based on a lie — but the story unravels in a special way, inviting listeners to live through eyes and words.

“I recently came to the realization that many of my relationships are filled with lies, fables, and broken promises,” he admits. “Upon self-reflection, I realized that I too have at times presented myself in disingenuous ways, in the hopes of pleasing my friends, family, and society as a whole.”

For a cohesive and structural listening experience, listeners should listen in chronological order. From Tight Rope and Sweetest Lies to Bad Reality, Z Chambers delivers an ambitious EP, with each song fading into the next.

Born and bred in Los Angeles, Z stumbled on his love for the arts and music at an early age and began performing at talent shows. His love for Justin Timberlake, Linkin Park, Ne-Yo and Coldplay pushed him to start writing music and performing at local venues.

Eventually, a move to Hollywood set things rolling, as he began working closely with producers to develop his sound and music. Z Chambers has meticulously built his compilation of songs, and discovered his staple sound as contemporary pop, with a dash of R&B.

Watch the video for Sweetest Lies above, listen to the EP below, and check out Z Chambers on his website, Facebook and Instagram.


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