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Now Hear This: Grande Royale | Welcome To Grime Town

Make yourself right at home amid the gritty garage-rock nuggets and bombastic classic songcraft of the Swedish retro-rock brigade's sixth studio full-length effort.

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Welcome To Grime Town is the sixth album by Sweden’s Grande Royale. Picking up where their 2021 album Carry On left off, the group return with 12 cuts featuring the band’s signature blend of energetic Scandinavian garage-rock and catchy songwriting. At its core, the new material displays what the Swedish four-piece does best: Straightforward, melodic, and explosive rock music.

The band say: “We’ve been told since we were young, that there is music far away that no one has ever heard, and the magic required to explore it is long gone missing. Even if we know it is only imagination, we may seek it in your eyes and keep the dream alive of a musical paradise. Welcome To Grime Town might just be that rock’n’roll paradise.”

Photo by Stuart MacDonald.

The new album features vocal performances by every member of Grande Royale, adding layers, depth, and variety throughout the record. The album is the first featuring new member Calle Rydberg on guitar and vocals. As on their previous albums, Grande Royale find their roots in the early ’70s rock of Detroit and the ’90s scene in Scandinavia, mixed with vintage pop. The music is packed with electric guitars, melodic vocals, and thundering bass lines.

The band’s fifth album Carry On was self-produced and released in 2021. It had a rawer approach than Grande Royale’s previous releases, with more electric guitars and an honest and direct feeling all over it. The album was mixed by Robert Pehrsson (Humbucker).

The band’s fourth album Take It Easy (2019) was produced by Ola Ersfjord, and took a more southern-rock approach than the previous albums. The album included more soul and larger arrangements, using instruments like horns to create a big sound. 2016’s Breaking News was recorded in The Honk Palace with Nicke Andersson (Imperial State Electric, Hellacopters, Entombed) as the engineer and producer. During the tour for the album, the band recorded Captured Live, which was released in 2018. Grande Royale independently recorded and released their debut album Cygne Noir in 2014, followed by their second album No Fuss — A Piece By Resolute Men in 2015.”