Francesca Luker Feels Almost Healed

The young singer-songwriter makes a personal examination of life's irrationality.

Francesca Luker sees light at the end of the tunnel on her new single Almost Healed — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

The Bristol-based singer-songwriter’s captivating single is a passionate ballad that builds on her most recent songs Sunshine and Promise Land. Almost Healed is a personal examination of life’s irrationality and capacity to cause significant transformations. The single depicts a time of development, changing mental health and a year of remarkable life experiences. Through this song, Luker addresses the idea that there is a reason for each turn in life, igniting optimism and hope even amid trying circumstances.

Luker’s musical career has been influenced by a diverse spectrum of artists, and Almost Healed shines a light on her unique fusion of pop and deep R&B. While Lana Del Rey, Kate Bush and Cleo Sol may come to mind while listening to Francesca, she puts her own distinctive viewpoint front and centre to produce a nostalgic yet modern sound.

The use of nature’s own music in Almost Healed is also a beautiful story. The verse and bridge’s bird sounds, which were captured in Francesca’s garden, add a unique and genuine touch to the song’s narrative. Also, the piano melody at the heart of Almost Healed tenderly picks at the listeners’ heartstrings. Similarly, Francesca’s solid vocal delivery and emotional depth make her words and performance relevant and compelling.

Check out Almost Healed above, hear more from Francesca Luka below, and follow her on Instagram and Facebook.


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