Solar Powered Moon Town Confesses: Im A Freak

The Bavarian trash-pop witch dreams of female footballers and French fries.

Solar Powered Moon Town is not exaggerating in the video to her new single Im A Freak — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Based on the singer’s dream diary, Im A Freak is the latest eccentric gem from the the “Bavarian trash-pop witch whatever” also known as singer-songwriter Magdalena Jacob — who also created, produced and directed the enigmatic video featuring a cast of female footballers and plenty of fries.

“The music video tells the story of how pink took over my life, when it just became public that Bavaria is actually a techno pub in Brandenburg,” Jacob says, as if that explains everything (or even anything). “Im A Freak is a confession of love to my personal madness, my sexual identity and processed potatoes.”

Like a witch trapped in the real world, Solar Powered Moon Town is dancing a strange dance on the line between fiction and reality. Her songs are dramatic, dazzling poems about modern love and luxury problems in all their existential dimensions, underlined with music, that feels a bit like a disturbing mountain range of candy cane. Or so she says.

Watch the video for Im A Freak above, hear more from Solar Powered Moon Town below, and get your freak on at her website, Facebook and Instagram.


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