Sammy Jackson Is Sweet As Honey

The singer-songwriter celebrates modern womanhood in their new single and video.

Sammy Jackson brings some Honey to the table with their new single and video — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Three years after the release of the Juno-winning album With You, the Toronto singer-songwriter is back with a new release. This cheerful track was co-written during the quarantine over Zoom with fellow singer-songwriter Jacqueline Teh. The duo aimed to capture the essence of the “modern woman” — someone driven and career-oriented, juggling a love interest alongside her professional ambitions. Their approach to this song is lighter and more playful than the personal themes of Jackson’s album. Produced, mixed and engineered by Jon Bartel (with engineering assistance from Kevin Fallis), and mastered by João Carvalho, Honey celebrates the diverse roles women embody.

The accompanying video draws inspiration from the captivating aesthetics of 1970s photo booths. The concept unfolds with Jackson gracefully transitioning across various backgrounds, outfits and hairstyles. Each frame captures a distinct aesthetic that gracefully traverses the spectrum, from fun and lighthearted to deeply serious, embracing emotions from anger to moody introspection. Throughout this artistic journey, Jackson’s signature soft and jazzy voice wraps listeners in a warm embrace, enhancing the experience.

Watch the video for Honey above, sample more from Sammy Jackson below, and find them on their website, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.


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