Sorry Snowman Burn Down Like A House On Fire

The Ottawa indie-rockers watch their world go up in smoke on their new single.

Sorry Snowman flame out like a House On Fire on their searing new single and video — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

On the first preview of their upcoming EP And I Hated It Too (and their first song recorded in a proper studio, the Ottawa quartet fuse chiming guitar melodies, fuzzy chords and a ’90s-style indie-rock groove into a track that singes your consciousness — even as singer Sean Lundy finds himself paralyzed with indecision as his world goes up in smoke:

“My light was burning out
And nothing ever felt right
And everything I hated turned out
To be me the whole time
But that’s your house on fire
Wake up and find your body
Completely stiff and unsure of what to do.”

Fortunately, Sorry Snowman know exactly what they’re doing. The four friends met through university and house parties, bonding over a mutual love of indie-rock, midwest emo and hanging around the kitchen table. Not surprisingly, their stories of hometown heroes sound like a band you might have heard before at a local show, or something your high school best friend might’ve been into.

Watch House On Fire above, hear more from Sorry Snowman below, and follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.