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Albums Of The Week: Labasheeda | Blueprints

The Dutch art-rock / noise-punk trio redraw the boundaries of their sound landscape, adding new instruments to the mix but retaining their distinctive, dynamic approach.

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Blueprints is the new album by the idiosyncratic Amsterdam art-rock / noise-punk trio Labasheeda. Their unorthodox use of violin, shifting time signatures, and Saskia van der Giessen’s distinctive voice give the band their unique sound. On Blueprints, that sound is further expanded by the addition of marimba, cello and double bass.

Labasheeda are based around singer/guitarist/violin player van der Giessen and guitarist Arne Wolfswinkel. They are known for intense and dynamic shows that fuse raw punk with hypnotic soundscapes. Tying together a decade of adventurous, sound-evolving albums and changing lineups, Labasheeda’s music has a penchant for concise, stripped-down melodies, and arrangements that quickly shift between spacious soundscapes to heavy, chaotic, and sometimes anthemic guitar-driven songs. They often draw comparison to genre-pushing bands such as Sonic Youth and Sebadoh.

Since their formation in 2004, they have toured Europe extensively and released various albums on their own label Presto Chango Records, including the internationally well-received Status Seeking (2020).”