Late-Night TV Music (Strange But True Edition) | Jan. 27, 2021

When the going gets weird, Leslie Odom Jr. and BlackPink make it even weirder.

Life is pretty strange these days. You probably don’t need me to tell you that. But just in case you hadn’t noticed, the Late-Night TV Music world brought home the point once again on Wednesday night.

Look no further than Leslie Odom Jr., sporting a suit apparently fashioned from the carpeting in Jimi Hendrix’s hookah lounge as he strolls the deserted main street of a Wild West ghost town / film set — only to wind up being upstaged by two futuristic dancers on glowing green platforms surrounded by shards of broken mirror — during his performance of Speak Now on Jimmy Kimmel Live. It is, of course, a video that asks the musical question: WTF? And if that isn’t colourfully kooky enough for you, there’s always BlackPink’s massive, over the top, hyperkinetic, hyperactive, hypersexualized, hyper-every-damn-thing dance-fever rompathon gyrationfest through Pretty Savage on The Late Late Show With James Corden. What’s it all supposed to mean? Your guess is as good as mine. On the plus side, it might make another day on the couch seem fairly normal by comparison.