The Grindhouse | Cabrakaän, Black Daggers, Raining Nails & More New Loudness

Black-leather outfits. Spooky makeup. Horror-movie imagery. Clearly, Halloween and headbanging were made for each other. So as always, expect plenty of timely singles and videos from the heavy side of the street over the next few days. Here are today’s tricks and treats:


Triumph Of Death | Massacra

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Triumph Of Death’s debut live release Resurrection Of The Flesh is the culmination of three concerts. Recorded in the spring of 2023 at in Houston, Munich and Portugal, the album was produced by Tom Gabriel Warrior and Triptykon’s V. Santura. The record captures the band at their primeval finest; raw, foreboding and heavy. These songs may date back four decades, but here they are revealed to be still just as vital today as when they were written in the band’s infamous rehearsal bunker in the rural village of Birchwil, Switzerland in the early 1980s. From the thunderous opening chords of Third Of The Storms (Evoked Damnation) to the malevolent, morbid feedback of set closer Triumph Of Death, this album is a 60-minute document of the overwhelming power of the live performance of Triumph Of Death, and it captures the spirit and intensity of these historic songs that have transcended decades to become revered and timeless.”

Cabrakaän | La Cigarra (ft. Reed Alton)

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Canada-based Cabrakaän are originally from Mexico. And even though they live far from their homeland, they aspire to share the mythology, traditions, and sounds of their country with metalheads everywhere. Their latest single La Cigarra, featuring Reed Alton of Osyron, is a traditional mariachi song revamped into a melodic metal masterpiece. “This song is a cover of a traditional mariachi song by Raymundo Pérez Soto,” they say. “The lyrics represent the feelings an artist has whenever they sing. Their love of singing is so powerful that they are willing to die for it, just as the cicada (cigarra)… As in the original, it’s vocally powerful — but with a distinctive metal turn.”

Black Daggers | Voices

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Red Deer’s Black Daggers make their debut Oct. 31 with the concept record Phantasmagoria, an album about a Faustian Bargain gone awry. Vocalist Valentine Vandal goes into further detail: “On this record, our protagonist is really no one and everyone. The character makes a deal with the Devil and it quickly goes wrong when he sees his life unraveling. The album is as much about struggling with vices as it is dealing with depression and addiction. I wanted to really dig into the idea of drug-induced psychosis and explore where that might lead to paranoia and further self-destruction. I think in some ways the character will be relatable to people who’ve dealt with mental health issues or lived with addictions. The inner demons people battle that scratch the surface.”

Raining Nails | Queen Of Thorns

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Featuring members of Eternal Silence, Fallen Arise, Oracle Sun and Sound Storm, Italy’s Raining Nails are proud to finally unbind the power and symphonic-influenced heavy metal of their debut album Human Deeds.​ To celebrate, the band are sharing their new video Queen of Thorns, a mysterious track that captures and slowly pulls you into a place that seems far away, but actually lies within you. Its slow whirlwind intoxicates the mind and makes you forget the world around you, bringing you back to a primal essence. Adds bassist Massimiliano Flak: “This song evokes in each of us deep, strong, and conflicting sensations and feelings, sharp and blurred images that intertwine into a unique and unrepeatable cocktail. I think, above all else, this is the reason why we chose it as a single.”

Supreme Unbeing | Scarecrow

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Supreme Unbeing are an elusive metal band shrowded in mystery. Led by vocalist Zac Red, they tap into the depths of the human psyche to unfold paramount messages for the benefit of mankind, accompanied by their most terrifying thoughts. Despite all their success, they have felt uncomfortable with their visual imagery, as it was based on cartoonish animation. So they decided to adopt a more ghastly identity on their head-banging Scarecrow. “When the night falls the frights and phobias of mankind come alive, the scarecrow of your mind reminds you of who controls your fantasy,” says Red. “Yes, the creepy scarecrow! Often presenting itself as a demon in your dreams or a shadow in the night, the scarecrow stirs up your own beliefs and nurtures your most horrifying fantasies. No one can escape the scarecrow!”

Massive Scar Era | Oblivious

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Originally from Alexandria, Egypt, Massive Scar Era have made Canada home and headquarters for the mystical, experimental and enchanting music they have been making since 2004. A blend of traditional sounds, metal, progressive rock, and a little bit of post-grunge, it is ultimately soulful, challenging, and refreshing. They will release their seventh LP Metal Goes Egyptian in November, but their third single Oblivious is out today. Band founder Cherine Amr says: “It’s a personal song, and its ending always gives me goosebumps. The song explores how people can sometimes misunderstand things without realizing it, either because they don’t have all the information or because they’re busy with other parts of their lives. It also looks at how our pride can affect how we take in information and how it can be really hard to admit when we’re wrong and face our mistakes instead of avoiding them.”

Dissona | Renaissance

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Dissona, an avant-garde progressive metal band from Chicago, are on the cusp of their third release Dreadfully Distinct. The musical deep-dive intensely explores three Blade Runner characters and aims to appeal to sci-fi fans and metalheads alike. The track Renaissance brings the 1982 film’s main character Rick Deckard into focus as the band explain: “One of the most prominent underlying layers in this track, is the enticing question we’re presented with in the original Blade Runner film: Is Deckard a replicant? The song opens with a hazy, elemental SFX intro. Flashes of stampeding hooves come and go, perhaps those unicorns poor Deck sees in his dreams (nightmares?). We shift to an exotic instrumental section, brimming with tension tones and odd time signatures followed by an intricate, guitar-driven section, in yet another odd time signature. The colors shift to a delicate, yet strong, contrasting moment, displaying Deck’s protective spirit. His sweaty, midnight escape from L.A. begins…”

The Requiem | An Elegy Written On Porcelain Arms

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Darkly romantic Florida rock band The RequiemDamien (vocals), Felipe (lead guitar) and Salem (bass) — will release their debut album A Cure to Poison the World on Feb. 16. Today, they shared the video for the single An Elegy Written on Porcelain Arms. On the track, the band go from 0 to 60 and stay there. It’s a high-energy rocker with potent pop-punk vibes that will remind you of your favorite ’00s Warped bands, but with a modern edge. They say: “This song is about seeing someone disappear into themselves as they pass on, and the feeling of hopelessness you get from being little to no help for them, only as an emotional tourniquet of sorts.”

Bonafide | Are You Listening?

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Swedish hard rockers Bonafide are back in business with their new album Are You Listening? This is the band’s first studio album since 2017’s Flames, and they return with a vengeance! Every single one of the 10 new tracks shows a band on fire and full of pure, high-energy, uncompromising hard rock! The title track is so fingerlicking good that guys decided to shoot a video at the Voodoo Room in Stockholm. Are You Listening? is produced by Chips Kiesbye (Hellacopters, Sahara Hotnights, Backyard Babies).”

Endseeker | Global Worming

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Germany’s Endseeker just released their fourth album Global Worming. Here’s what guitarist Ben had to say about filming the video for the title track: “The video shoot was hilarious! We spent one and a half days filming with Alex Dietz (Heaven Shall Burn) and Philipp Hirsch (Amon Amarth, Dew Scented, Heaven Shall Burn and many more) and had so much fun! The idea was to create a super cheap looking B-movie style video with simple special effects and awkward costumes. We love the result and it shows that death metal doesn’t necessarily have to be dead serious.”

King Ov Wyrms | Desolation Fog

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Arizona’s King Ov Wyrms once again send a cold blast of black metal across the desert with their video Desolation Fog, off the recently unleashed album The Womb Ov Borealis. This track is a heavy trudge through grim dark waters with its dragging guitars and swinging drums taking you through a walk through an ever-looming fog of decay. Multiinstrumentalist Michael Oneirous Sanchez comments: “Desolation Fog is a track we just knew we had to present off the album, it features some of my favourite lyrics and with the accompanied imagery presented in the lyric video, it was a perfect match. Sonically, this song is unrelenting and just so damn heavy, it catches you with the swinging groove and really locks you in.”

Kami Van Haist | My Alice (ft. Phil X)

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “With great anticipation and Halloween nearing, Kami Van Halst shares the musical treat My Alice, featuring the masterful Phil X from Bon Jovi on guitar. My Alice is a sinister homage to the enigmatic Alice Cooper. In this electrifying tribute, Van Halst delves into the dark, theatrical, and rebellious essence that defines Cooper’s legacy. The song encapsulates the spirit of rock ‘n’ roll, unleashing its wild and untamed energy for music lovers worldwide. My Alice is a powerful, head-banging masterpiece that bridges generations of rock enthusiasts. “This has been a labour of devotion, nurtured in shadows for what feels like an eternity,” she says. “What could be more fitting for this monstrous revelation than Halloween time?”

Nick Oliveri | Chains And Shackles (ft. Slash)

Stoner punk icon Nick Oliveri (Kyuss, Queens of The Stone Age) will release the eighth and ninth chapters of his N.O. Hits At All compilations — featuring previously unreleased and fresh songs from his past and current projects — on Jan. 19. Check out the first track, Chains And Shackles featuring Slash. Nick says: “The first single is an outtake track from Slash’s 2010 self-titled album. Slash wrote the music and Eric Valentine and myself wrote the words. I feel the song is hard-driving and it has the right amount of uncensored dirt, filth, sex, drugs and rock ’n’ roll to be called a Slash song! Until now, this track has only been available for those who happen to stumble upon it online.”

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