The Shinola | The Voidz, Yard Act, Grandaddy & More Recent Wonderfulness

Another Friday, another clusterfuck of singles and videos from artists who foolishly believe anyone is going to give a shit. Like everyone else in the world, I ignored 99% of them. Here are the ones that managed to worm their way in — along with a few gems from the last couple of days:


The Voidz | Flexorcist

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “As the frontman and sole songwriter of The Strokes, Julian Casablancas helped ignite a depth charge that helped reinvigorate modern music. In 2013, Casablancas morphed into the next stage in his artistic development: The Voidz. Over the course of two albums—the daring 2014 debut Tyranny and its 2018 followup VirtueThe Voidz’ wild genre-splicing were embraced by fans of all genres and critics alike, developing an underground cult following. In addition to Casablancas, the Voidz are bolstered by the remarkable talents of outsized personalities of the visionistic guitarist Beardo, virtuosic guitarist Amir Yaghami, greatest drummer you never heard of Alex Carapetis, composer Jeff Kite on synths and spiritual anchor/man behind the wordz, bassist/keyboardist Jake Bercovici. From experimental and heavy metal, to new wave and underground world music, all the way to old school hip-hop beats, indie rock, secret jazz, and classical leanings, The Voidz simply refer to their style (semi-jokingly) as “prison jazz.”

Yard Act | Dream Job

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “We get down to the sound of a singular mind and we like criminals when criminals are treating us kind, for the subliminal freaks with their invisible style, you’re on trial. I place a bet on a game knowing no one will score, and break a sweat watching the greats dragging their feet on the floor. Is it ambitiously weak to be proficiently poor and still smile? We’re on trial, but still…”

Grandaddy | Watercooler

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Indie-rock band Grandaddy announced their new studio album Blu Wav, set for release Feb. 16. A prolific storyteller, Jason Lytle is inspired by the overwhelming beauty of nature to the mundane moments that spark life’s strongest memories. Introducing pedal steel into the band’s repertoire for the first time, buoyant lead single Watercooler comments on the dichotomy of both. It was inspired by having his own outdoorsy rock guy (in both senses of the word) lifestyle while his partner had an office job. Lytle shares, “Most of my relationships have involved girls who worked in office settings. This song is about the end of one, or perhaps a few, of those relationships. Listeners will also notice the pedal steel on this track and eventually on many others from the forthcoming new album. It’s a first for Grandaddy, and I couldn’t be more thrilled about this fact.”

Devon Thompson | So Close

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:So Close is for the people who love those moody, dark, intense, hot songs that make you feel almost feral and crazy… but in a good way,” explains moody, dark, and intense alternative rock artist Devon Thompson about her hot, feral and crazy new single. “I’ve always thought of So Close as Kate Bush but harder.” So Close is a sultry, minor-chord slowburn that slinks stealthily like a black cat, preparing to pounce on its prey. So it’s rather appropriate that its release date circles around Halloween. “Halloween embodies its theme,” she continues. “It also is the event or theme that I relate to the most and supports the dark edge to my music and my style. It’s always been my favorite holiday, and I’ve always wanted to release something that’s not a ‘Halloween song’ necessarily, but that really has a darkness to it.”

Bob Vylan | He’s A Man

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “After multiple conversations with the sun, an album was created. Come shine with us.”

Sabatta | Get Over Yourself

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “London alternative-psychedelic rock artist Sabatta has released his new single Get Over Yourself, an ode to the obliviously self-important and the second taste of his new album How To Get Even (out on Nov. 17). Get Over Yourself deals with ‘build em up, break em down’ celebrity culture via a barrage of grimy riffs, pumping bass and pounding drums. This relentless rocker is anchored by a heavy and hypnotic chorus, which backs the vocal mantra of the track’s title. Also included is a shredfest solo as ferocious as a social media comment section. Beware, no one is safe.”

Blue Stragglers | Fool’s Errand

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “A song for the hopeless from the forever hopeful. The fuzz-filled bastard son of Mellon Collie-era Smashing Pumpkins and Absolution era Muse. A barnstorming flag bearer for the crown of most exciting rock band around the underground scene right now.”

Matt Pond PA | Halloween Two (ft. Alexa Rose)

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “This sweet and spooky duet called Halloween Two is the first in a series of collaborations with Alexa Rose. We met through her song Wild Peppermint, where she namedrops Matt Pond PA (I was blown away). From there, I reached out to see if she wanted to sing on a song, which led to this, an upcoming EP and a winter tour!”

Taylor McCall | Mellow War

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Mellow War pays homage to my late grandpa. My grandpa went to Vietnam. The album cover is him in Vietnam. The video for this song is from the war in Vietnam. These are songs that are sort of letters to home that I imagined he might have sent. My grandpa was a life inspiration for me; it was bigger than just music. The songs are a tribute to everything he stood for and everything he taught me. It’s a way for me to share with him even when he’s in another dimension. This isn’t just about me or myself.”

Madness | Baby Burglar

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “One of the U.K.’s most beloved British bands, Madness have unveiled the single Baby Burglar. It’s the second offering from their 13th album Theatre Of the Absurd Presents C’Est La Vie, out Nov. 17. Baby Burglar recites Lee Thomson’s true-life tale of being burgled, told through Madness’s signature witty lens. The bossa nova beat of a vintage Yamaha organ helps to enliven the tale, as Suggs sings “I once trod in your creeping footsteps.” Lee has said the song’s take on the home invaders is more sympathetic, recognizing his own youthful straying from the straight and narrow. Madness said “The story behind Baby Burglar is actually quite a funny one… it’s about Lee finding a midnight meddler loose in his house and how it reminded him of his younger self and all the shenanigans we used to get up to when we were whippersnappers.”

Peeping Tom | Pre-School Love Affair

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Out today is the vinyl reissue of Peeping Tom, the 2006 release where Mike Patton teamed up with the likes of Norah Jones, Massive Attack and more. Pre-School Love Affair was originally a B-side. “Peeping Tom was a blast to make. For me, the best part of being a musician is the collaborative process. It gave me the chance to work with so many friends and musicians I admire. I’m always tempted to go back for a second round. It was also one of the few projects that I worked on where not everything ended up on the record. It’s nice to be able to share Pre-School Love Affair with more people. At the time, I just couldn’t find a place for it on the record that made sense.”

The Kinks | Money Talks

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:The Kinks, one of the greatest ever British rock groups, revealed a special new Ray Davies mix of the band’s 1974 studio track Money Talks, taken from the second part of their career-defining anthology The Journey Part 2 out Nov. 17. The track is taken from The Kinks’ 1974 studio concept album Preservation Act 2. Davies says the track is about “moral decline.” Dave Davies comments: “Always amused me when we did it live. An exceptional song I think.” Drummer Mick Avory fondly recalls: “I have memories of playing this song on the U.S. tours in the ’70s. It’s a good old stomper for the stage.”


Collignon | Viemos de Longe / Visita Noturna

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Collignon are a three-piece band with Yves Lennertz on guitar (and bass), Gino Bombrini on drums (and percussion) and Jori Collignon on keyboards (and production). The three friends have been making music together for some time, collaborating in different groups and settings. Viemos de Longe is a high-energy, Funana-inspired groove featuring Gino’s distinctive style of simultaneously playing the drums with his right hand and the congas with his left. Visita Noturna is a bass-heavy track and a bit of a fight with pitch. When performed live it can feel like trying to tame a wild horse on stage.”

The Manikins | Rosita

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “The Manikins will release their sixth studio album Swedish Woods Nov. 17. Formed in 2000, this high-energy garage-punk outfit are known for their intense live shows, having frequently toured Europe and even making it across the pond for a U.S. tour in 2009. Now they’re back and ready to unleash a raw and primitive explosion of Swedish rock music, recorded and produced by The Manikins in their own Omega Studios in Nyköping. The second and final single from the album is called Rosita and is out now. Written in the vein of classic ’60s rock, this is a trashy tearjerker for all the people that can relate to a broken relationship due to crappy behavior in any way. Rumors are that the song actually is a love song, but the band hasn’t commented on that fact.”

Kurt Vile | This Time of Night

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Chastity Belt’s This Time of Night showcases the coolest aspects of the Seattle band’s sound. The track is driven by dreamy guitars, blunt vocals, and a sparse punk groove. Now, it has been covered by outspoken fan and frequent tourmate Kurt Vile. The Philadelphia legend injects the song with his distinctive mournful twang, while staying true to the hazy roots of the original. Vile offers: “When I first met Chastity Belt it was Halloween 2015 in Amsterdam and they were all wearing pointy elf ears. I joke with them that ever since I saw them with those pointy ears I knew… but what? Maybe that we were soul mates! I missed their set that night but we had a lotta fun anyways…”

Cat Power | Like A Rolling Stone + Mr. Tambourine Man (Live At The Royal Albert Hall)

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Cat Power Sings Dylan: The 1966 Royal Albert Hall Concert is out Nov. 10. Now, Power has released two more songs from the album — her distinct and evocative takes on Mr. Tambourine Man and Like A Rolling Stone, recorded Nov. 5, 2022 at London’s vaunted Royal Albert Hall. Cat Power Sings Dylan both lovingly honors Dylan’s imprint on history and brings a stunning new vitality to many of his most revered songs.”

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