Oliver Pigott Sees Through Eyes My Daddy Gave Me

The Canadian singer-songwriter reflects on fatherhood & family in his new single.

Oliver Pigott takes listeners on a journey of self-reflection in his new single and video Eyes My Daddy Gave Me — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Drawing from his personal life and journeyman experience, the Toronto-born, Nashville-based folk and soul artist has penned an Americana-inspired song that transcends genres, offering listeners a soulful look at life’s trials and triumphs. The lyrics, which speak to the importance of fatherhood, resilience, and the light within, resonate with authenticity and universal themes.

“The first song I wrote on American soil was Eyes My Daddy Gave Me,” Pigott says. “As a new father of twin sons, I was aware of the responsibility that lay before me to guide them and lead the way.” This sentiment forms the emotional core of the song, making it a touching tribute to the transformative power of fatherhood.

“I was away in the thick of the winter
Forgot to pray for my brother and sister
I let my heart lead the darkness to break me but
I see the light now, I see with the eyes my daddy gave me.”

The song’s genesis was particularly poignant for Pigott. “Having lost my father to cancer when I was eight, music was my way of remaining connected to his musical spirit,” he revealed. It was in a quiet moment of reflection that the idea for the song emerged. “Sharing what I had with my wife, she encouraged me to highlight the line Eyes My Daddy Gave Me. Within 30 minutes, the song emerged,” he added.

Watch the video for Eyes My Daddy Gave Me above, hear more from Oliver Pigott below, and catch up with him on his website, Instagram and Facebook.


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