Dove-i Unveil Their Default Setting

The L.A. duo serve up a suitably cinematic single with an assist from Mike Harvey.

Dove-i share a soaring mix of soul, R&B and classical in their new single Default — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Taken from the upcoming album It’s Pop Fiction, the latest track from the duo of Thomas Verovski and Bastide Donny delivers a vibrant and energetic melting pot of impactful drums, flowing strings and warm vocals. This cinematographic song is sure to immerse you and leave you wanting more — thanks in no small part to the vocal contributions of singer Mike Harvey.

“This album was born during the first lockdown in France,” Dove-i say in a press releaese. “In this very special period when the world was at full stop, this opus is in a way the original soundtrack of a movie that nobody would have imagined.

“As an act of resilience through art, the songs address deep questions, anchored in the reality of this new decade: Inner metamorphosis, artistic questioning, love renewal, identity at the time of the Black Lives Matter movement, richness of the differences, the Earth that we leave to the future generations… So many fundamental themes set in motion through music in a resolutely cinematographic spirit by the Dove-i collective with the collaboration of talents from all over the world.”

Harvey has lent his voice to Grammy-winning projects from Luther Vandross, Steely Dan and Diana Ross; TV series like Empire, 30 Rock, The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt; and movies such as Anastasia, Sparkle, The Love Guru and more. On stage, he has accompanied artists such as Beyonce, Stevie Wonder, Mary J. Blige, Sting and Seal.

Dove-i want to collaborate with as many different artists as possible, to expand their sonic soundscape as far as it can go. Thomas shares: ”I come from a jazz and classical background as a pianist, with a speciality at the musician Institute in Los Angeles. And I’ve mostly worked on soundtracks of beautiful documentaries for France Television and Arte, among others.”

Donnys says: “I was working on music productions in my home studio and we were spotted by Luc Besson, who is one of the few filmmakers in France who is willing to give work opportunities to young people who have not yet done much. And it was a good fit, One thing leading to another, he offered us the opportunity to produce the score of a second feature-film, a third film, etc.”

Check out Default above, hear more from Dove-i below, and follow them on Instagram and Facebook.


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