Juniper Nights Feel The Emptiness In This House

The Oxford four-piece embrace the loneliness on their haunting new single.

Juniper Nights are haunted by their own ghosts in their latest single In This House — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

The latest track from Oxford four-piece combines an eerie atmosphere with poetic lyricism and emotional delivery. Opening with a disorienting array of synths, we are moved through a melancholic soundscape, filled with breaths and soft hums, alongside piano and drums that echo the bitterness. The track ends in a sparse landscape, with ticking clocks and distant wind filling out the instrumentation behind the vocals and piano.

“This track is the sound of our collective souls,” they say. “Inspired by Netflix TV show The Haunting of Hill House, In This House explores the helplessness we all sometimes feel, where no matter how much we attempt to become improved or better people, we can ultimately be haunted by the ghosts of our pasts — events or traumas we have experienced and are unable to let go of.

“Evoking the feelings of apathy, anxiety and anguish that we have personally gone through during our own depressive episodes, we hope that In This House will resonate with others that are currently going through a dark period in their lives, giving them a sense of support and realization they are not alone.”

Juniper Nights combine introspective lyrics with rich layers of sound to create music which aims to provide hope and a sense of understanding to their listeners. Influenced by alternative, indie and art rock, they have become a staple of the Oxford music scene, delivering performances across the U.K. that have been described as reflective, anthemic and unfailingly entertaining. After a series of singles and releases, they released their self-produced EP Mantras in April.

Check out In This House above, sample more from Juniper Nights below, and follow them on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok.


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