Thomas Cole Steps Up To Pass The Baton

The singer-songwriter shares the latest highlight of his new album Late To Bloom.

Thomas Cole puts his best foot forward with his new single and video Pass The Baton — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

The latest focus track from the New York singer-songwriter’s latest album Late To Bloom, Pass The Baton blends personal lyrics, EDM grooves and home movies into a statement about life, love, family and legacy.

Pass The Baton is an upbeat EDM track with tropical and sunny vibes, great for driving with the top down or going for a nice run,” Cole says. “The concept from this song actually stems from the chapter in my life when I was a very avid and competitive track and cross-country runner. I think I was in 5th grade when I found out that running was my sport. My first official mile was just over seven minutes and my fastest ever was 4:40. My junior year of high school, both the guys and girls cross country teams won the state championship and were invited to compete in the 2007 Nike Team Nationals in Portland, Oregon. It was a wild ride and those are memories I’ll cherish forever — which is why I wanted to write about it.

“The video for this one brings lots of nostalgia. We took footage from VHS tapes of me and my family growing up and kind of wove it in with footage of us with our kids, so it’s really fun to watch! Pass The Baton is not only an ode to my past as a runner, but it symbolizes my future as well. Passing the baton happens in a relay race, Yes, but it also happens in life, with family and generations. I’m passing the baton to my kids just like my parents are to me, and their parents did to them… building a legacy to leave behind. For me, this album is a part of that legacy.”

Over the course of its 11 tracks, Late To Bloom demonstrates the New York singer-songwriter’s commitment to his music. It combines heart-tugging storylines with the throbbing dance-floor rhythms and a plethora of sounds and hooks that create a unique journey. Producer Electropoint also lends his Midas touch to the record, elevating the production and adding to Thomas’s vocal allure.

Watch the video for Pass The Baton above, check out the rest of Late To Bloom below, and keep up with Thomas Cole on his website, Instagram and Facebook.


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