Indie Roundup | 61 (!) New Tracks To Sink Your Teeth Into This Weekend

I dare you to listen to all these tunes before you have to go back to work.

Chevy Mustang and Evan Rachel Wood pal around, Tiny Stills share their bed, J. Grave makes time fly, Venomous Pinks get carried away, Elwins get heavy, Corb Lund and Jaida Dreyer raise a glass or two, Tejon Street Corner Thieves say never again and more in today’s absurdly overstuffed, record-setting Friday Roundup. If you start listening now, you might be finished by the time you have to go back to work on Monday. Might.



1 | Chevy Mustang | Can I Be Your Friend ft. Evan Rachel Wood

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Teacher, life coach and multiplatinum and diamond records artist Chevy Mustang joined forces with Westworld star Evan Rachel Wood for the unforgettable new summer bop Can I Be Your Friend. Take a journey through the streets of Los Angeles with Chevy as he meets new acquaintances and receives a FaceTime call from an unexpected new friend. Do you have a Keurig? Do you have a podcast? Do you have a nickname? Chevy Mustang wants to be your friend. “I’m a former disciple of Chevy Mustang but once I realized the pyramid scheme he was running we amicably parted ways. the song is OK I guess,” said Evan Rachel Wood.”

2 | Tiny Stills​ | Craigslist Bed

THE PRESS RELEASE:Tiny Stills​’ new song Craigslist Bed is out everywhere. Frontwoman Kailynn West says the song is “about the unexpected struggles you go through after a breakup — the small inconveniences that turn into bigger problems just because you’re struggling to get into a better headspace. Things like making new keys and not knowing what to do with your old ones become an emotional struggle and not just a task. The bed that I’m on in the music video is a totally free bed that I inherited from my new apartment — and it inspired the first line of the song. Originally I was worried that it’d be gross, but at the time I couldn’t really budget for a new one and so I made the best of it. Turns out, it’s actually a decent bed … Thank god.”

3 | J. Grave | Time Travel

THE PRESS RELEASE:J. Graves is passionate dance-punk. Tense relationship rock, sanguine lyricism, guitar music, chord changes that sound like secret longing, a rhythm section that thuds, skitters, and melts over the determined voice of Jessa Graves. The heat of the cataclysm gives off a vapor known to galvanize meatspace into writhing, dancing heaps, creating rabid, loyal fans. Against all odds, J. Graves is back in 2020, with a crushing new EP Deathbed, and a record label that seeks to leverage community and technology to advocate for womxn and gender non-comforming artists. In J. Graves nothing is wasted. Songs are extensions of personal experience in which breakups, abandonment, unsupportive partners, and emotional strife see re-use as stepping stones, providing a path from disappointment to cathartic, regenerative music.”

4 | The Venomous Pinks | I Really Don’t Care

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Tempe, AZ punk rock trio The Venomous Pinks’ fourth single, I Really Don’t Care, off of their brand-new EP I Want You, provides a pop-punk palate cleanser with bassist Gaby Kaos on lead vocals. The track is a reimagining of a song from Kaos’ youth that she wrote after a mentally abusive relationship. She says, “My boyfriend at the time was really controlling and did not believe in my dreams of becoming a musician because he let his aspirations fall by the wayside. I found myself at a crossroads, and decided to leave him to stay true to my music.” The video for the song was directed by Alexander Thomas with a storyline reenacting frame by frame the infamous 1970’s horror flick Carrie. The visuals are a perfect bloody pairing to The Pinks’ signature razor-sharp licks, intense beats, and punk attitude that demands listeners to stay true to themselves, even if others are going to laugh at you for being nothing but original.”

5 | The Elwins | Weight Of The World

THE PRESS RELEASE:The Elwins are thrilled to announce their new album IV, to be released on Sept. 18. As a preview The Elwins have released the new single Weight Of The World. Lead singer Matthew Sweeney says, “This is a story speaking to how everyone has to deal with the weight of the world in one way or another. That kind of brings us together in a sense. just a friendly reminder that everyone has got this shit feeling from time to time, some more than others, but all you can really do is to try and take it easy on yourself.”

6 | Corb Lund | I Think You Oughta Try Whiskey ft. Jaida Dreyer

THE PRESS RELEASE:Corb Lund’s new album Agricultural Tragic is available today. The 12-song set is his first album of original material in five years. Today, he shares the video for I Think You Oughta Try Whiskey featuring Jaida Dreyer. The acoustic performance of the album highlight was filmed before Lund went into self-quarantine during the Covid-19 pandemic and was directed by Stefan Berrill. Corb says of the song, “It’s an old-fashioned country couple-style duet with my friend Jaida Dreyer and it’s dedicated to Loretta and Conway, Kris and Rita, Johnny and June, and Tammy and George.”

7 | Tejon Street Corner Thieves | Never Meant To Be

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Colorado Springs outlaw blues and trash-grass pioneers Tejon Street Corner Thieves have just released their new EP Demons. To celebrate the new release,they have also released a new video for Never Meant To Be. The video features Tejon Street Corner Thieves playfully parodying key artists in the dark folk and alt-country scenes including Dead South, Shawn James, Days N’ Daze, Orville Peck, Bridge City Sinners, Harley Poe and the group’s new label founder Amigo The Devil. “The video for Never Meant To Be encompasses some of our favorite bands in the alt-country/dark folk scene. We admire each performer we’ve included for their unwavering commitment to being true to their quirky, unique selves,” said Connor O’Neal. “This loyalty to one’s self is expressed by each performer as they go through the video, reverting to their own distinctive traits as artists. We love them all for being themselves and take inspiration from that diehard commitment.”


8 | Molly Tuttle | Fake Empire

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Award-winning songwriter-guitarist Molly Tuttle’s …but i’d rather be with you arrives everywhere on Aug. 28. A collection of 10 striking covers recorded during quarantine, …but i’d rather be with you is heralded by her timely version of The National’s epic song Fake Empire. Tuttle made a compelling companion video that fiercely challenges the song’s fear of indifference and portrays a society that can no longer afford to be apathetic to the realities of our time. “I am a huge fan of The National,” Tuttle says. “Boxer is probably my favorite album by them. This song has a super cool four-over-three polyrhythm throughout. The piano part is super fun on guitar if you can train your thumb to play in three and your index and middle fingers to play in four!”

9 | Paul Kelly & Paul Grabowski | If I Could Start Today

THE PRESS RELEASE:Paul Grabowsky and Paul Kelly share a love of the classic collaborations between Frank Sinatra and Nelson Riddle (particularly In the Wee Small Hours), and Tony Bennett and Bill Evans (with whose playing Grabowsky’s has been favorably compared). And the duo bring a similar intimacy and interaction to their upcoming collaborative album Please Leave Your Light On, out July 31. “All of the songs were already part of Paul’s extensive catalogue,” says Grabowsky. “I transcribed them, and adapted them for the piano/voice combination. In addition, I threw in a ballad by Cole Porter called Every Time We Say Goodbye, which Paul delivers in an understated, sensitive way. The performances are intimate, and shine a light on lyrical moments from the Kelly oeuvre. Paul is a generous collaborator, always listening closely to what I am doing, and giving me the freedom to bring my own interpretation to the songs. I think people will hear, and hopefully enjoy, the deep communication that we are bringing to the performances.”

10 | Enterprise Earth | Now You’ve Got Something To Die For

THE PRESS RELEASE:Enterprise Earth are pleased to unveil the video edition of their rendition of Lamb Of God’s Now You’ve Got Something To Die For. The cover appears on the band’s Foundation Of Bones EP, released last week. The surprise EP serves as a bridge piece from their latest full-length effort, Luciferous, into the work being laid down for their forthcoming LP and also marks the band’s first self-produced output. Comments guitarist Gabriel Mangold, “Lamb Of God is one of our collective favorites as we all draw a significant portion of our influence from their catalog. We really wanted to do something off of Ashes Of The Wake and this song seemed to check all of the boxes for us. Straightforward and to the point, this was a ton of fun to cover.” View the quarantine-filmed clip of Now You’ve Got Something To Die For now.”

11 | Holy Wave | Hell Bastards

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Ahead of the release of Interloper on July 3, Austin’s Holy Wave are now sharing a new video — filmed by the band in quarantine — for the motorik psych pop freak-out Hell Bastards. The clip finds them in a very different state than we last saw them … No Joeys were harmed in the making of this video.”

12 | Never Elected | Wake Up

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Washington, DC’s rockers Never Elected have a new music video for their single Wake Up. An energetic and engaging track, it’s hard-hitting rock with a catchy flair along with a message from the band. Vocalist Sujit Kumar elaborates: “Wake Up speaks to our current world situation, where everyone gets all their information through their Magic Window (social media/phone/tv/computer). We continue to fight over religion, race, sex and more but only when it is #trending, ‘only to sleep again. This single is just an indication of what lies ahead on our next album. We dropped our tuning to D, figuring that it gives us exactly what we are looking for soundwise. Our fans love to sing along to our songs and Wake Up was chosen to be the single based on what the fans loved most at our live shows.”

13 | Amaranthe | Viral

THE PRESS RELEASE: “In these difficult times we’re all in need of uplifting, in need of escape from the four walls we’ve been locked up in — to be transported into a new dimension. With today’s triumphant return of Amaranthe, our calls are answered! The Swedish modern metal force are proud to announce their new album Manifest. With this new album, Amaranthe set their mark with a vibrant, epic masterpiece to be released on Oct 2. Together with this groundbreaking news, the band will share some impressive visuals accompanying the first single Viral. “Finally we can unleash Viral upon an unsuspecting world! It is one of the grooviest and downright heaviest songs in Amaranthe’s history — it is the very epitome of what we have always stood for: Massive choruses, a thundering rhythm section and a constant will to push our sound forward into the future. Viral was prophetically titled before the onset of the current worldwide situation, and so we felt compelled to tie it in lyrically with this.”

14 | Sven Gali | Now

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Some 25 years in the making, Canada’s Sven Gali released their highly anticipated EP entitled 3 earlier this month. Known for their fusion of 80s screaming hard rock and ’90s blazing metal along with extensive touring worldwide where they have shared the stage with legends such as April Wine, Foreigner, Pearl Jam, and Def Leppard, Sven Gali’s new EP is their long-awaited follow up to 1995’s In Wire and 1992’s gold-selling and Juno Award-nominated self-titled debut album that featured hits Under The Influence and Love Don’t Live Here Anymore. In support of the release, the band has premiered their new music video Now. Drummer Dan Fila adds: “Now showcases the band’s raw live energy and chemistry. The video is soaked in attitude and ferocity — the same that made Sven Gali a staple in the global hard rock scene 30 years ago.”

15 | Brohug | Gold On My Crown ft. Born I

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Fusing hip hop and dance, Swedish trio Brohug release their celebrated single Gold On My Crown, featuring impassioned rhymes courtesy of Born I. Over the past few years, the song became a staple in Brohug live sets. “This track was made on tour during long flights and hotel nights, and has been with us all around the globe. Finally the long awaited ID from our sets is out! The rap vocal creates the perfect mix between hip hop and dance. The song has many memories from touring and will live in our hearts forever.”

16 | Bombay Bicycle Club | Racing Stripes

THE PRESS RELEASE:Bombay Bicycle Club are very pleased to share the second track from their forthcoming acoustic reworkings EP, Two Lives. The four-track EP is out July 24 and features three acoustic reworkings of songs from the band’s recently acclaimed Everything Else Has Gone Wrong LP, and a cover of Bonnie Raitt’s Two Lives. The stripped-back versions were mostly recorded at vocalist Jack Steadman’s home studio during lockdown, and took on a real back-to-basics, DIY approach to the recording and production process. Racing Stripes was the first track recorded for the EP, and features guest vocals by Billie Marten and Liz Lawrence, both recorded in their own home studios. Jack explained: “Recording this EP at home meant going back to basics and recording just like I used to growing up. It brought back a lot of funny memories of making DIY shakers out of rice and Tupperware, and mic shields out of coat hangers and stockings.”

17 | Brujeria | COVID-666

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Extreme metallers Brujeria are proud to release their new COVID-666 single. In celebration, the band offer fans the release of the quarantine themed music video for COVID-666, which was directed by Juan Brujo. The band comments, “The Coronavirus is the Devil’s plague sent to purge humanity of all kinds! Leaving survivors to suffer with no jobs, no money and forces a social media lifestyle on the entire world! On the bright side of it all… now I can go out shopping without scaring everyone to death! Jajajaja.”

18 | S.G. Goodman | If It Ain’t Me Babe

THE PRESS RELEASE:S.G. Goodman released her latest song If It Ain’t Me Babe, from her Jim James-produced album, to be released July 17. The beautiful animated video captures the track’s southern imagery of cypress knees, cotton blooms and cottonmouths, inspired by the rural landscape of her native Kentucky home. Goodman stated, “I had the chord progression for over a year before life would give me the story to put over them. This turned out to be another love-lost ballad, that I would finish under a harvest moon in Joshua Tree in 2018. I have to admit that these lyrics were hard to write, and that I hated every moment they came to me. I truly lived through them, and hoped for the day that the distance found through time will take them further away from the truth they hold. It is songs like these that I’m thankful for not being a gifted guitar player. It is a gift of it’s own to have to focus on my playing and not what I am saying.”

19 | CeeLo Green | Doing It All Together

THE PRESS RELEASE:CeeLo Green has released his new album CeeLo Green is… Thomas Callaway, the Grammy Award-winning artist’s first album in five years. CeeLo, also known as Thomas Callaway (his birth name), collaborated with Dan Auerbach from The Black Keys, who is the producer and creative director of this new album. Also available today is the fan-generated music video for the second single Doing It All Together. CeeLo invited fans to send in videos of themselves “doing things all together” during quarantine and created this special music video to capture this moment in time.”

20 | The Milwaukees | No Way Out

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Jersey City rock heroes The Milwaukees are taking the wraps off their new single and video No Way Out. Lead singer/songwriter/guitarist Dylan Clark explains: “This record is the first time I’ve leaned on the piano for songwriting. No Way Out is one of the songs on The Calling that started on the piano and it came together pretty fast. For me, melodies always come before lyrics. The line ‘no way out’ fell in place shortly after the chords and melody solidified. I liked the line, but I had a choice: Is there no way out… or is there a way out that we can’t see right now? The sweetness of the melody leant itself to a more positive message. That message is that it’s up to us. It’s up to the people to escape whatever darkness they are trapped in.”

21 | Drew Kelly | Seaside

THE PRESS RELEASE:Seaside has been released by Atlanta-based artist Drew Kelly, touting twangy beach-set pop vibes. “This track was inspired by nostalgic underwater video games I used to play as a child,” Drew says. “It started with just two guitars, and built on from there. It is meant to depict a sultry day at the beach. As for the music video, although I take my music very seriously, most people consider me to be one goofy dude, so I figured it would give everyone a little better outlook on my personality.”

22 | Novarium | Virus

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Hard rock/metal band Novarium have released their new single Virus, with a corresponding music video. Virus gives listeners an intimate taste of their upcoming work, and showcases a rebirth of sorts for Novarium. Vocalist Jen Janet states: “Virus uses god/goddess imagery and gothic lyrics to describe human nature. It’s about loving someone and putting them on a pedestal, but that person changes, becoming selfish and evil. Although we are in the midst of a pandemic at the moment, we wrote this song quite a while ago. It seemed fitting to release it now with current events. It’s about understanding the virus inside ourselves — the dark parts of ourselves and coming to terms with them and who we are.”

23 | Pantayo | V V V (They Lie)

THE PRESS RELEASE:Pantayo’s self-titled debut album explores what’s possible for contemporary kulintang music with the atonal blend of kulintang ensemble instruments with vocals and electronic production. Today, the band shares the new video for album track V V V (They Lie) from director Diana Lynn VanderMuelen. “V V V (They Lie) comes from a place of growth, pride, and defiance,” the band says. “In this karaoke music video, we imagine an uplifting New Earth where there is abundance and liberation. A hopeful world created as a result of dismantling white supremacy, fighting the lies of colonialism, and ending fascism and the oppression of marginalized peoples. A world that symbolizes positive change and is possible with our collective willingness to evolve, grow, and do better.”

24 | Geist & The Sacred Ensemble | Volition

THE PRESS RELEASE:Waning Hymns is the forthcoming new full-length from doom folk collective Geist & The Sacred Ensemble, set for release on July 31. In advance of the record’s release, here’s the band’s visual accompaniment to Volition. Comments the band’s M. Sauder, “Using long musical passages and drawn out changes, this song is a deliberate challenge to our current culture’s dwindling attention spans. There is so much information being thrown at us every day, we are slowly losing our sense of self and our ability for critical thinking.”

25 | Shaye | God

THE PRESS RELEASE: “All successful solo artists, Kim Stockwood, Damhnait Doyle, and Tara MacLean came together as Shaye to record The Bridge in 2003. While the group was only active as a musical trio for 5 years, Kim, Damhnait and Tara have remained fast friends — and recently reunited to remake their song God. Said Stockwood: “I woke up in the middle of the night singing this song in my head, it used to be our encore song …the next day when I found all the lyrics, I teared up…I just knew it needed to come into the world now…music has always brought people together . . . it is the great healer. And so incredible to sing with the girls again, even from afar.”

26 | Pristine | Behind The Line

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Norwegian rock band Pristine released their new digital EP Fireball on May 8. Today, the band offers fans a music video for the track Behind The Line. Frontwoman Heidi states “Finally! The summer is here and we are releasing our third music video. Behind The Line is a psychedelic song about a pretty destructive relationship I had some time ago. I had to work hard not to let him kill my positivism. The song is about knowing your personal line of boundaries, and figuring out how to stay on the right side of the line.”

27 | Phil X & The Drills | Right On The Money

THE PRESS RELEASE:Phil X needs no introduction, having been an integral full-time member of Bon Jovi since 2016, after also filling in for Richie Sambora on the 2011, 2013 and 2015 Bon Jovi tours. Phil and his band The Drills recently released their new single Right On The Money. Now Phil along with  Daniel Spree (bass/backing vocals) and Brent Fitz  (drums/ backing vocals) who recorded the song together, have put together an official quarantine / fan video for Right On The Money. Fans sent in videos of themselves singing the chorus to ROTM and a lot made the cut.”

28 | Loviet | When It’s Over

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Toronto indie-pop rocker Loviet (pronounced like Soviet) released her debut EP Everyone Knows The Thrill When It’s Over. The song narrates the journey of “falling in love, the high while you are in it, and the crash at the end when it’s over.” As well, Loviet explains that it “represents a lot of feelings, like moving from one city to another and leaving lots behind. I really hope that when people listen they can envision their own story.”

29 | I Prevail | DOA ft. Joyner Lucas

THE PRESS RELEASE:I Prevail have just dropped the VR version of their throught-provoking video for DOA, which features rap dynamo Joyner Lucas. “The video will take you inside the world we built for DOA and give you a front row seat to the problems we are facing,” the band says. I Prevail continue to defy the odds. The band has generated well over 200 million total streams on last year’s sophomore blockbuster Trauma. The group also received nominations for two Grammy Awards in 2020 — in the categories of Best Rock Album for Trauma and for Best Metal Performance for the single Bow Down.”

30 | Thundermother | Sleep

THE PRESS RELEASE:Thundermother release their new single Sleep. Guernica Mancini gives this striking rock ballad a unique touch with her beautiful blues-soaked voice and you can check out the new video below. The band’s upcoming album Heat Wave, due for release on July 31, is the musical expression of the lifestyle of the Swedish high voltage rock ‘n’ rollers: Thundermother don’t just play rock ‘n’ roll. Thundermother are rock ‘n’ roll! Be ready: These heavy rocking girls are sticking it to anyone claiming that rock ‘n’ roll is a male domain. Mancini states: “On stage we are musicians — no matter if man or woman.”

31 | Josie Proto | Wales

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Rising British talent Josie Proto shares her brand-new music video Wales — taken from her debut EP Pub Songs: Volume 1, out July 1. Merging tender acoustic strums with heartfelt vocals, Wales is a strikingly beautiful acoustic number about running away and embarking on an exciting journey with the love of your life and shows a softer, more vulnerable side to the 19-year old’s typically tongue-in-cheek lyrical style and upbeat, care-free pop sounds. Josie explains: “After writing Wales, and showing my mother the song, she informed me that I had in fact been to Wales several times and she had photographic evidence to prove it. She showed me photos of me in a yellow rain suit when I was maybe four years old in a place called Llandudno in North Wales. I figured that if I was going to release the song, I had to go back to Wales so I had a better memory of it! So, my boyfriend and I packed up his car without really planning anything and went! We climbed Snowdon, slept by lakes and woke up to snow-capped mountains! It was amazing!”

32 | Monophona | Elastic (I do)

THE PRESS RELEASE: “The music from the Luxembourg-based trio Monophona is a blend of extreme — electronic and intimate, melodic and innovative. Today Monophona are releasing their final single and video titled Elastic (I do). The first line of Elastic (I do) is: “I don’t wanna talk about politics”. But actually it is a political song, but you can also interpret it as an examination of a relationship, if you like. Monophona comment: “Our song is about being trapped and watching others live their lives freely, we think of cases such as political prisoners living in countries where expressing one’s opinion can be a matter of life or death, or victims of domestic violence that cannot seem to break free from the vicious circle they find themselves trapped in. To what extent are we prepared to make concessions and show consideration so that everyone in our society can lead a good life? Is that even possible or do the requirements of the free-market economy prevent us from being able to rethink our lifestyle?”

33 | Killer Whale | Comfortable

THE PRESS RELEASE: “New Orleans-based band Killer Whale shared Comfortable, the lead single and video from their forthcoming album Tastes Like Yesterday, out Sept. 18. “Comfortable was inspired by growing more comfortable with my own self and the shedding of societal expectations of one’s own self,” says Killer Whale frontman and creative force Thomas Johnson. “I had reached a point in my life when I started feeling confident in my personality which in turn gave me more confidence in my art. This song tries to express that feeling when you begin to really feel comfortable just being who you are.”

34 | W.o.W. | Amantle

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Portland indie rock act W.o.W. (aka Winston Ophelia Walkering) release their first single Amantle, from their forthcoming full-length album, A Dog Staring Into A Mirror On the Floor. W.o.W. is the brainchild of seasoned veteran songwriter and band leader Whit Walker. Amantle, a dark and biting first musical offering, features Dana Colley, Robert Mitchell, Will Bradford, Dan Capaldi, Ian Riley, Jason Grosso, and lastly, Arthur C. Lee. All of the musicians recorded at their home studios and the song was finished remotely via Chillhouse in Boston, where the song was edited, mixed and mastered. The music video was created by Stuart Townsend.”

35 | Ost+Front | Ikarus

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Thundering guitars, pounding beats, and blazing lyrics — Ost+Front celebrate their own trademarks and impressively demonstrate their supremacy in the so-called Neue Deutsche Härte. “Whoever wants Ost+Front, shall get Ost+Front. Always at the highest level. Always at the limit”, vocalist Hermann Ostfront points out. The band shows their concentrated strength on the upcoming album Dein Helfer in der Not. Ostfront says about the song Ikarus: “It’s about exploring the boundaries. How far can I go? I don’t want to be determined by others anymore. I feel locked up. In the process of the album, I experienced in my direct environment how someone goes from adolescence to adulthood. That can be really exhausting for everyone involved. Neither fish nor fowl. However, I was much worse in that phase.”

36 | Heathen | The Blight

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Bay Area thrash legends Heathen are back! The band revealed the details of their fourth studio album — Empire of the Blind, which will be released Sept. 18 — and the lyric video for the first single, The Blight. The band comments: “It’s been another 10 years but we are finally back with a new Heathen album. Fine wine takes time! Everyone in the band worked their asses off on this record. Zeuss absolutely nailed it and more than realized our vision for the sound. Travis Smith perfectly captured the bleak atmosphere that we imagined for the artwork. It was a year in the making and we couldn’t be more proud of the outcome. The first single The Blight is just the beginning… behold the rising Empire!”

37 | The Kickdrums | Sunshine Guy

THE PRESS RELEASE:The Kickdrums return with Sunshine Guy — an ethereal burst of indie rock melancholia that lyrically reflects the strange days that we’re trudging through so far in 2020. While the song was written before we lived in a state of pandemic, it perfectly encapsulates the emotional rollercoaster and weird state of mind that most of us have experienced since being locked in quarantine. The song is built on layers of synths intricately arranged and intertwined with a bouncing bassline and reflexive percussion to create a soundscape that feels both otherworldly and intimately relatable. Alex Fitts (The Kickdrums): “This is a song about wanting to make a change. Whether it’s a change of routine, lifestyle, location, whatever it may be, and the tipping point when your fear of the future becomes less than your desire to change.”

38 | Cave States | The End Is Around The Corner

THE PRESS RELEASE:Cave States is an American indie band, formed by Chris Grabau, Danny Kathriner and Todd Schnitzer. The St. Louis-based band often interweaves introspective lyrics, orchestral restraint and experimental soundscapes. Cave States are poised to reemerge in 2020 with a new collection of songs. First up is their three-song EP The End Is Around The Corner, including the title track as the first single. Written by Kathriner, the title track originated from a songwriting process where he and fellow songwriter Grabau randomly drew from a series of prompts to help kick-start song ideas. Grabau states, “Danny and I will sometimes write prompts on pieces of scrap paper and put them into a cup. He drew the phrase and it resonated with us immediately. We talked about how the absurd concept of ‘the end times’ had an influence on our upbringing and the people around us. We both grew up in semi-rural communities informed by the Book of Revelation. The ‘end of days’ were always just around the corner.”

39 | Tim Baker | Sylvan Valley

THE PRESS RELEASE:Tim Baker has released a second single, Sylvan Valley, from his upcoming EP Survivors. Powerful and emotional, the track is featured on the five-song record due out July 10. Baker states, “This is a very specific tune I wrote for a very close friend of mine whose young son was saddled with this very difficult, deadly, and long-fought illness. When I would talk with my friend, I could feel such a crush of stress and resentment and helplessness on him. I can’t imagine how hard it must be to watch your child suffer and struggle like he did. I guess I tried to imagine it when I wrote this song. Thankfully, his son is healthy and free of all that now. So, the song feels lighter than it did when I wrote it.”

40 | Kill Lincoln | Confession Obsession

THE PRESS RELEASE: “I don’t like ska punk, but you guys are great!” – Someone at every Kill Lincoln show, ever. On August. 7, the DC ska-punkswill release Can’t Complain, their first new album in five years. Confession Obsession the album’s first single, is out now. Following in the footsteps of bands like Less Than Jake, The Suicide Machines, and We Are The Union, Kill Lincoln blend no-bullshit ska-punk with addictive rock anthems, throwing in the energy of a basement hardcore show for good measure. Their recklessly fun punk ethics collide with quality musicianship, sounding like the bastard son of Kid Dynamite and Streetlight Manifesto.”

41 | Another Year Unknown | A-TT-I-C

THE PRESS RELEASE: “It’s important to never lose sight of your dreams, especially in the face of uncertainty. Atlanta-based band Another Year Unknown delve deeper into this message with every release, on track to empower the local scene and beyond. Influenced by outspoken leaders of the punk rock realm such as Sum 41, Blink-182, The Menzingers and Anti-Flag, the trio has been developing their unique sound since Fall 2018. Their debut EP Stymie is reminiscent of the early-2000s while packing a modern punch through its anthemic production and singalong choruses. “When writing A-TT-I-C we wanted to write something that gives that iconic early 2000’s summer pop-punk feel with our own style. Our goal was, if we had a chance to write a song for American Pie back in the day, what would it be? Well it would be A-TT-I-C.”

42 | Doro | Brickwall

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Metal queen Doro Pesch has started working on material for a new album. “Since February, I’ve been back in the studio in the USA. There are some pretty awesome things happening in these writing sessions“, Doro reveals. One of these new, special songs won’t be kept secret any longer: Her new single Brickwall is now available. “Brickwall is a harbinger for the upcoming album, that will be released in 2021″, Doro explains. “I want to give my fans a taste of what it’s going to be like – and the song also fits quite well with these dark times.“ And that’s why: “The lyrics are about unbreakable, unconditional love for a person in deep trouble. Even though it isn’t always easy to deal with that person, you still do everything to support them and get through the dark times side by side — even if you literally have to tear down walls.”

43 | Saiah | Heart(Break)

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Arizona based Saiah’s Heart(Break) is the first single from his upcoming sophomore EP titled Says Saiah: “Having a heart(break) isn’t that bad when you’re close to losing yourself and forgetting what loving yourself means.” At 21 years old, Saiah has already begun leaving his mark as a singer-songwriter with a style all his own. Originally from Pittsburgh, he moved to Arizona in high school as his family chased a warmer climate. It was there that Saiah embraced his physical abilities, becoming a recognized track star and even going on to get a scholarship to run in college — but it wouldn’t last for long. Quickly realizing that there was more in the world he wanted to explore, Saiah decided to face the doubt in himself and from those around him by throwing his focus fully into music. Moving back to Pittsburgh for a year to regroup, he spent that time experimenting with his voice and style before deciding he was ready to tackle the world again as a new man.”

44 | The Harlem Gospel Travelers | Nothing But His Love

THE PRESS RELEASE:The Harlem Gospel Travelers’ new single Nothing But His Love is is out today. Producer Eli “Paperboy” Reed shares a bit more on The Harlem Gospel Travelers and their most recent debut album He’s On Time: “The Harlem Gospel Travelers are not from Harlem. They came to Harlem, however, from far-flung corners of the five boroughs of New York City, and it was in Harlem, that legendary center of African-American culture, that they found their voices. As members of the music education program Gospel For Teens, these young men spent many hours on the subway or the bus to ultimately end up at an unassuming brownstone on W. 126th Street. They walked through the red door at the parlor level, the one with the cross on it, and inside they found a world of music. Gospel music.”

45 | Regent | Time To Loose The Blues

THE PRESS RELEASE:Regent return with an insurgent new single: Time To Loose The Blues. Bursting through the clouds with a beam of mellifluous guitars, anthemic choruses and heart-on-sleeve lyricism, the Southampton quartet deliver a shot of classic songwriting from another era. As frontman Ben Rooke says: “The song is about love, devastation, heart break, and coming back no matter what life throws at you. We put our heart and souls into this track and video…”

46 | Mike LePond’s Silent Assassins | Tell Tale Heart

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Today marks the official unveiling of Mike LePond’s Silent Assassins’ anticipated new full-length, Whore Of Babylon! Forging a union between the mighty worlds of heavy metal and ancient history, Whore Of Babylon serves as the band’s third studio album and is a no-holds barred, gauntlet-thrown, true heavy metal mission led by LePond, known worldwide as one of the foremost bass virtuosos in heavy metal music and a member of progressive metal band Symphony X. In celebration of its release, the band has delivered a new video for the track Tell Tale Heart. Offers LePond, “Take the ultimate journey through darkness and death with my metal movie score to Poe’s classic story. This song is epic and one of my proudest moments.”

47 | Voix | Pull You Down

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Hailing from the musically rich North East of England, Voix (pronounced Vwa) have been honing their songwriting and production skills for a combined 30 years. This has enabled them to remain under the radar until now and they are excited to be able to start showing the world what they’ve been working on. They very much plan on becoming a household name of the future and will stop at nothing to achieve this. Their current entry level musical offerings of that of hard-hitting dance, ambient, cinematic pop with flawless melodies and super clean production. One of their greatest assets is their ability and willingness to write across multiple genres, this has helped secure future collaborations and features for upcoming releases. They believe that through love, dedication, passion and talent they will reach their dream, which is to share great, touching music with the world the way their heroes did for them.”

48 | Lōwli | Cavalry

THE PRESS RELEASE: “There could hardly be a more fitting title for Lōwli’s forthcoming single. Cavalry is the latest offering from an artist who has consistently built on the integrity of each of her previous releases; and it possesses all the qualities of its namesake: powerful, commanding, impactful. But in deference to its title, Cavalry is a song about human vulnerabilities. Lōwli’s lyrics centre on the feelings of powerlessness that accompany a defeat; the challenges of waking up to a new and unwanted normal. Ultimately, Cavalry is about coming to terms with the limits of human mortality. Once again, Lōwli displays an enviable talent for creating a narrative within her music that links the broader challenges the world currently faces, with the more intimate battles we wage with ourselves to be better, bolder, and braver.”

49 | Gang Of Four / JJ Sterry | Day Turns To Night

THE PRESS RELEASE:Day Turns to Night is the second single to be released from the forthcoming Gang of Four EP, Anti Hero. It was written and performed by Gang of Four vocalist John Sterry, styled as JJ Sterry. Day Turns To Night was written by Sterry just days after bandmate Andy Gill’s death and will be the first single for his JJ Sterry solo artist project, with a debut EP forthcoming later this year. “I had no intention of it being about him,” says John. “It just came out that way and also I didn’t intend for it to be released. I often cloak lyrics with ambiguity and this felt too raw. But listening now, I’m glad I wrote it with no thought of where it might go — it’s just a pure distillation of the years I’d spent with Andy and the band.”

50 | Alvarez Kings | Words I Couldn’t Say

THE PRESS RELEASE: “U.K. alt-pop quartet Alvarez Kings just released a new single titled Words I Couldn’t Say. Vocalist Simon Thompson says, “The song came about when I was turning our spare room at home into our baby’s nursery as the acoustics were awesome. I was writing songs off of the back of some pretty extensive touring over the years. There were definitely some issues with alcohol and substance abuse as a result, which impacted heavily on relationships. It’s not necessarily an autobiography or about one person in particular. It’s a story of an uncontrollable collision course of self-destruction from drug and alcohol abuse, the desolation of a failed relationship, and self-blame. Words I Couldn’t Say is the burden of the truth and a lie that is too heavy to carry.”

51 | Johnny Ashby | Born Again

THE PRESS RELEASE:Johnny Ashby is a British singer/songwriter based in Los Angeles. Ashby’s upcoming five-track EP entitled Born Again is co-written and produced with friends Fredrik Eriksson, Sebastian Fritze and Bill Delia from the band Grizfolk. Grizfolk are hugely successful on the folk-rock circuit opening for artists like Bastille, Haim and X-Ambassadors. The EP highlights Ashby’s infectious Americana tinged sound, featuring radio-ready anthems with lyrics that speak of finding connection, new beginnings and coming together. Born Again is the title-track off the EP. Written during the week of Kobe Bryant’s tragic death, Ashby confides, “There’s a lyric in there ‘24 forever in my mind’. I think that line speaks about being gone before your time.”

52 | Beth Keeping | Cool Kids

THE PRESS RELEASE:Beth Keeping is a singer/songwriter from Surrey, UK. Drawing influences from both traditional country storytelling and modern pop music, Keeping delivers a fresh and modern sound of what she calls “pop stories”. Creating songs that speak about real situations, her honest lyrical approach and emotive vocals have been garnering attention from fans and critics across the globe. Keeping’s latest single Cool Kids is a self-empowering anthem for anyone who has experienced bullying. Inspired by the news that a boy who used to bully her at school now listens to her music, she shares, “I heard that he and his friends respect me because I decided to pursue my dreams and do something different instead of following the standard career path. I have to admit, it felt pretty great to hear that!”

53 | Sad Funeral | Kazbeg

THE PRESS RELEASE: “As the frontman of both Cave Painting and Company, Kazbeg is of course hallmarked with Kane’s distinctive vocal flutter, yet finds him venturing into richly textured, mellow natured and deeply dreamy new territory as a songwriter. New single Kazbeg is one of the first creative fruits to have grown following a period of reflection and recuperation away from writing altogether. Feeling the pressure and pace of the industry in full momentum beginning to exert itself on all aspects of life, Kane made a conscious decision to extricate himself from the spotlight to find a different way of life and inspiration in new places. “I wrote the track when I returned from Georgia with my partner, where I’d been visiting the village of Kazbegi” he reflects. “It’s somewhere we’d often talked about going due to the remote and mountainous location.”

54 | Tristan Eckerson | Hendelse

THE PRESS RELEASE:Tristan Eckerson is a pianist, composer, and producer from Cincinnati. Tristan has toured as a solo pianist throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe, and has released albums with 1631 Recordings, A Remarkable Idea, Sonder House, Mellotron Records and 7K!”

55 | Field Guide | All The Other Lovers

THE PRESS RELEASE:All The Other Lovers is the latest single From Winnipeg’s Field Guide. Discussing All The Other Lovers, Field Guide singer-songwriter Dylan Macdonald stated “I wrote this song nearly three years ago and recorded it a few times in search of the right ‘vibe’. I had this version half done for nearly eight months before reopening the session and finishing it with a clear head.” The song reflects upon loving someone for a little while, then changing your mind and walking away. The lyrics are hopeful about being able to confidently say “all the other lovers were just paving the way.” Field Guide’s new single has a dream-like chorus with a melody that lingers long after listening, and is recommended for fans of Phoebe Bridgers, Leif Vollebekk, Bahamas, and Andy Shauf.”

56 | The Holy Knives | Always Gone (Jamie Hince Remix)

THE PRESS RELEASE:The Holy Knives is composed of brothers Kyle and Kody Valentine, whose music layers baritone vocals over Western soundscapes with downtempo grooves. Born and raised in New Orleans and now residing in San Antonio, The Holy Knives will release their new EP Always Gone as a series of singles in early 2020 and will continue to release at least a song a month for the remainder of the year. Drawing musical inspiration from acts such as Portishead, Leonard Cohen, The Arctic Monkeys and Timber Timbre, The Holy Knives could be imagined performing at the Bang Bang Bar from Twin Peaks or playing in a True Detective episode. Their belief is that music is a sacred weapon you can use to ward off the march of reality. Always Gone has been remixed by Jamie Hince (The Kills). With twangy western guitars, deep, looming vocals and chiming percussion, Hince has created a haunting rendition of the track.”

57 | Loud Forest | Glow

THE PRESS RELEASE:Bernard and Rachel Chadwick are the husband-and-wife duo that create pop/rock music imbued with love and artisanship. Theirs is an enviable creative relationship built around making more of themselves and the world through collaboration. The band started while Bernard was earning his MFA at ArtCenter College of Design in Pasadena. It was a way for rock to fuse into art and art to fuse into rock. This became the exact intention of their music going forward. The band’s incorporation of pop sensibilities, ethereal vocals, insightful lyrics and rock undertones give them a sound that is unique, fun and sure to keep you grooving. Glow features shimmering synths, passionate vocals and feel-good melodies. The song narrates living in the light of your love and when times get tough you can find solace in your loved ones warmth. “I’ve seen you glow, magical and radiant. The light was perfect, you were bursting with love and life and laughter, I even caught it on a polaroid picture, no flash. That’s what the song is about.”

58 | Weathers | C’est La Vie

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Southern California-based Weathers is lead singer Cameron Boyer, guitarist Cameron Olsen, bassist Brennen Bates, and drummer Cole Carson. Having gone through some challenging events in his past, Boyer wanted to process the band’s struggles through songwriting. He felt compelled to make feel-good songs that created a world similar to that of a John Hughes movie. The Breakfast Club, for example, shows that how people act and look on the outside is not always how they feel on the inside. Everyone is going through something no matter how ‘together’ they might look. The band’s story is all about growing up and coming into their own and includes themes of social anxiety, mental health, and the struggles that come along with it. What has emerged is “this messy, glitchy sound that makes you want to cry, while jumping up and down at the same time.”

59 | Weigh The Anchor | Clandestine

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Oakville punk rockers Weigh The Anchor share new single Clandestine off of their upcoming EP. Weigh The Anchor’s vocalist Andrew Zamora reflects on the significance of the new single and up and downs of life, “Everyone in this world can undeniably say that life is full of upsides and downsides. Clandestine is our experience of feeling that the choices we’ve made when faced with hard decisions have lead to periods of happiness and success, but also abrupt, life-changing experiences. Life itself will send hardships your way in the blink of an eye but the ability to absorb, reflect and evolve will push you to a place where you can become the person you truly deserve to be. Setbacks and comebacks … Both are never-ending chapters.”

60 | Savannah Conley | Never Want To Be In Love

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Emerging singer-songwriter and Nashville-native Savannah Conley is releasing her new single, Never Want To Be In Love. Co-written with Andrew Petroff (Sheryl Crow, Devon Gilfillian) and the song’s producer Gabe Simon (Dua Lipa, COIN), Conley emerges from the ashes of heartbreak on Never Want To Be In Love. The euphoric, guitar-driven musicality on the track is augmented by Conley’s undeniable calling card: her rich, crystalline voice, and her vulnerable, somber lyricism.”

61 | Gabby Wilson | Hug It Out

THE PRESS RELEASE: “As we all know, Scandinavian pop has always been a hallmark of sonic excellence. Swedish singer-songwriter Gabby Wilson is about to raise the bar and our spirits with her sparkling debut confection, Hug it Out. Nourished by the colours which dance in the spaces between hooks and highs, Hug it Out is a billowing soap bubble of indie-pop. Wilson’s instinct for music you can’t get out of your head gives the best rush since Dagny, but with all the vocal punch of Gwen Stefani and Sia. The forerunner for her debut EP, Hug it Out arose after a finding herself in a relationship that was hanging by a thread: “Trust started to lack, communication started to get shorter and shorter, with the pressure of taking the relationship to the next level rather than enjoying the here and now. We were missing a sense of fun and playfulness. It felt like the only time my boyfriend and I didn’t fight was when we were sleeping. That was the time when we could hold each other and feel close. It’s impossible to get to that vulnerable place in your everyday life.”