Island Moons Wishes He Could Get Jupiter On A Key Ring

The singer-songwriter heads to the cosmos on his genre-bending new single.

Island Moons contemplates his place in the universe in his new single Jupiter On A Key Ring — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

The fourth single from singer-songwriter Brandon Harwood, Jupiter On A Key Ring is a vibrant and introspective track that defies easy categorisation. It blends elements of psychedelic, folk, indie-pop and rock with shades of The Beatles. Brandon’s pop-woven melodies and clever lyricism make this a thinking-man’s song, offering a fresh perspective on societal issues. It illustrates our insignificance in the cosmos, juxtaposed with the glaring faults of our society as seen from above.

“The main premise of the song, as the title suggests, considers the hypothetical situation that the speaker is able to have the entire solar system within their grasp and view,” Harwood explains. “Like a distant cousin to David Bowie’s Space Oddity, it drives at how one would view the world from afar. It hums with playfulness amidst flashes of optimism, especially as gentle arpeggios tickle the ears and the bridge culminates with an innate perspective of connection.”

From the playfulness of Bowie to the rekindling melancholy of Radiohead, Jupiter On A Key Ring transcends musical borders. Island Moons’ music bends the mind and soothes the soul, and draws from a natural spirit and zen that flows beneath the sonics, combined with 20 years of songwriting history.

The path often reveals itself when we least expect it, and for Harwood, that moment came during the pandemic lockdown in New York City. In the midst of eerie silence, a surge of creativity and inspiration flowed through him. He began to sing and pen his thoughts with a newfound voice.

Harwood took these songs to a studio in upstate N.Y., and it was there that serendipity struck. He stumbled upon an unpublished manuscript from  William Blake during a session. With this revelation, Island Moons was born, and the songs were catapulted into reality. Encoded into the DNA of this artist are influences like John Lennon, Bob Dylan and Bob Marley, forming a three-starred constellation toward which his creative gaze is eternally drawn.

Check out Jupiter On A Key Ring above, hear more from Island Moons below, and follow him on Instagram and Twitter.


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