Spotkix Came To Play On The Greenest Green

The Toronto band celebrate the start of the season on their debut release.


Spotkix take to the field with their indie pop-rock soccer ode The Greenest Green — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

The Toronto band’s debut single is packed with raw driving guitars and polished harmonies, while the lyrics celebrate the feeling on the first day of a new season — a day when, however fleetingly, everything seems possible.

Spotkix are Steve Maradona (guitar and vocals), Georgina Best (keyboards, guitar and vocals), Pete Rodriguez (guitar and vocals), and Johnny Singh (drums). After meeting at a pickup game, they discovered they were all musicians. It didn’t take long for them to start jamming, and one thing led to another. Fast-forward a year or so to the release of this preview of the upcoming album On A Yellow, scheduled for release in November 2023.

Tracked by Toronto producer Derek Downham — who’s worked with Tragically Hip, Broken Social Scene and Serena Ryder — the tune was mixed by veteran U.K. producer Neil Ferguson, known for producing Chumbawamba.

Best says, “Once the season gets underway, social is full of fans slagging off players and each other. We wanted to write a love song to the game.” Maradona adds, “We wanted the song to give you the same feeling as a freshly mown pitch.”

Watch the video for The Greenest Green above, check out the track below, and get in the game on Spotkix’s website and Instagram.


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