Natalie K Steps Out With An Invitation: Dance With Me!

The L.A. popster enjoys a night out at the club in her fun-loving new single.

Natalie K wants you to take her hand and move to the groove on her new single Dance With Me — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

The L.A. pop singer and songwriter’s eighth single is a vibrant pop anthem inspired by an unforgettable night out in her home town. Described as a fun and catchy song about living in the moment and letting loose on the dance floor, the track features “chill synths, memorable lyrics and catchy melodies,” reminiscent of the California pop sound.

Oddly enough, the song’s origins began in Nashville during a co-writing session with singer-songwriter Raquel Telfer. Natalie recounts, “I went into our session with the idea of Dance With Me and I had the lyrics ‘Friday night, California dreams. Neon lights, spilling drinks.’ The rest wrote itself.”

Drawing inspiration from L.A. nightlife, Natalie infuses the song with vivid imagery that encapsulates the essence of letting go and embracing the moment. The production reflects this carefree spirit, blending “chill and laid-back” vibes with a danceable energy, making it perfect for a rom-com montage.

A YouTube star in her own right, Natalie K hosted the web show Natalie Interviews from 2009-’13, featuring celebrity guests such as Zac Efron and Ariana Grande. Natalie Interviews was popular amongst the teen demographic and cemented her as a respected teen journalist on a variety of red carpets.

Natalie’s previous singles The Joker and Blue Summer charted on Shazam’s Top 50, while I Wish it Was You was a semi-finalist in the International Songwriting Competition. Her video for the single Survivors was nominated for Best Music Video at the 2023 ARPA International Film Festival in Los Angeles.

Check out Dance With Me above, hear more from Natalie K below, and find her on her website, Instagram and Facebook.