Next Week in Music | January 30 – February 5 • The Long List: 260+ Releases On The Way

All the music headed for your playlist in the coming days — and then some.


Monday will be the 54th anniversary of The Beatles’ final performance on the roof of their Apple building in London. Perhaps you’ve heard of it. Either way, feel free to watch Don’t Let Me Down below. Then feel free to peruse this list of more than 260 new albums, EPs, singles, box sets, compilations, anthologies, retrospectives, soundtracks, vinyl reissues and cassettes on the way. But first, I’d like to say ‘thank you’ on behalf of the band and I hope they passed the audition.



Acid Arab | ٣ (Trois)
Acidgvrl | Sushed
Act Of Impalement | Infernal Ordinance
Adiel | Everything In Between EP
Afroman | Famous Player
Agent Orange | Bloodstains EP
AK | Solid Single
Allmos | Mostly Instrumentals LP
All Out War | Celestial Riot
Ambkor | Dime (ft. Nach)
Amtrac | Extra Time
Angel-Ho | Year Ten
Anne-Marie | Sad B!tch Single
Apartment House & Rothko Collective | Clear And Hazy Moons
Arcana Collective | Atlas Lost – Act 1: The Long Sleep
David Arcos | Sigamos Corriendp
Babyfang | In the Face Of
BabyTron | The Book of Tron
Bardo Pond | No Hashish, No Change Money, No Saki Saki Reissue
Bazelle | I’m Sorry I Faked It
Sabrina Bellaouel | Al Hadr
Benge | The Memetune Programme Annual
Best Fern | Earth Then Air
Blackwülf | Thieves And Liars
Terry Blade | Ethos: Son Of A Sharecropper
Bluetech | Spacehop Chronicles 2: Restless
Blaue Blume | Crush
Daniele Bogon | Del Suono e Della Luce
Brian Jonestown Massacre | Your Future Is Your Past
Andrew Broder | The Show Original Soundtrack
BSS | Second Wind
Donald Byrd | At The Half Note Cafe, Vol. 1 Reissue
Larry Campbell and Teresa Williams | Live at Levon’s!
Cardopusher | Immaculate Poison
William Carn | Choices
Roberto Cassani & Fraser A. Campbell | poet / shuts / clock
Chaos U.K. | No Security EP
Grant Chapman | Indentations
Lauren Cimorelli | Please Stop Breaking My Heart
Miriam Clancy | Black Heart
Gaspar Claus | Scaphandre
Grant Chapman | Indentations
Clock DVA | Noesis
Clouds Taste Satanic | Tales Of Demonic Possession
Colony House | The Cannonballers
Coultrain | Mundus
Crawl | Damned
Helene Cronin | Landmarks
Daily Worker | Autofiction
Dark Mana | New Faces
Yousef Dave | Changing Perspectives, Pt. 5
Eddie ‘Lockjaw’ Davis & Shirley Scott | Cookin’ with Jaws And The Queen
Dead Blonde Stars | Metamorphosis
Debauchery | Cranial Indulgence
December | The Outside World
Vladislav Delay | Whistleblower 2022 Remaster
Judi Dench | Change (In The House Of Flies – Judimix)
Depeche Mode | Ghosts Again
DeWolff | Love, Death & In Between
Jarrod Dickenson | Big Talk
Dignan Porch | Electric Threads
Dexter Dine | Flood
Dispirited Spirits | Bring Down the Sky
Elderseer | Drown In The Shallowness
Farid El Atrache | Nagham Fi Hayati
Emamkay | When The Sun Rises
Emei | Scatterbrain
Epik High | Strawberry
Will Epstein | Wendy
Alexis Evans | Yours Truly
The Exploited | Race Against Time
Fantastic Negrito | Grandfather Courage
Fencer | Fencer
Sam Fischer | You Don’t Call Anymore
Fixt English | Erase Theory EP
Forest | Forest
Robert Forster | The Candle And The Flame
Four Elements & Beyond | Clock The Chemistry
Friske | Supplier EP
John Frusciante | .I:
John Frusciante | :II.
Fvnerals | Let the Earth Be Silent
Ghia | Crystal Silence EP
Ghostface Killah | Ghostface Stem Player
Glacial Erratic | Rock ’n LOL
Robert Gordon & Link Wray | Cleveland ’78
The Go! Team | Get Up Sequences Part Two
Granfalloon | RUExperienced?
Skip Grasso | Becoming
Grateful Dead | Road Trips Vol. 1 No. 1—Fall ’79 Reissue
Rose Gray | Higher Than The Sun EP
Dain Griffin | Dead Flowers
Guitar Fight From Fooly Cooly | Drought
Havemeyer | Slacker
Hamish Hawk | Think Of Us Kissing
Happy Days | En Enfer, J’ai Régné
Dot Henny & Holy Smokes | Mental Thoughts
Higher Than The Sun | Higher Than The Sun EP
Hmltd | Wyrmlands
The Hollywood Stars | Still Around EP
Hoodie Hilltop | …Epunkera
Ibex Clone | All Channels Clear
Idealism x Lucid Green | Undone
Infinito 2017 | Unwilling To Drink Dirty Water
InHappy | Devilish Angel
Inquietus | Every Star Dies
Milt Jackson | The Riverside Albums Collection 1961-1963
Maria Jacobs | Back At The Bop Stop
Hollie Kenniff | We All Have Places That We Miss
Killah Priest | Ragnarok Remix
King Slender | Gold Days
Knapsack | Day Three of My New Life Vinyl Reissue
Knapsack | Silver Sweepstakes Vinyl Reissue
Knapsack | This Conversation Is Ending Starting Right Now Vinyl Reissue
Tony Kofi & Alina Bzhezhinska | Altera Vita (For Pharoah Sanders)
Stella Kola | Stella Kola
Korn | Requiem Mass
Kromheim | World Reborn Single
Youri Kun | Renoir Of The Toys
Lansdowne | Medicine
Ly Lapid & Ruth B. | Do U Really? Single
Laughing Stock | Songs For The Future
Jonatan Leandoer96 | Sugar World
Leprous | Aphelion Tour Edition
James Brandon Lewis | Eye Of I
Dave Liebman | Live at Smalls
Lighthouse Family | Essential Lighthouse Family
Lil Squeaky | Lookin’ For Your Love
Lindamann | Hidden Space
Ljasp | Lost Residency: New York
Loscil & Lawrence English | Colours Of Air
Lotec | Squares
Ludmilla | Sou Má (ft. Tasha & Tracie) Single
L​üger | Revelations Of The Sacred Skull
Doug MacDonald | Big Band Extravaganza
Evita Manji | Spandrel?
Nile Marr | Lonely Hearts Killers
Matmatah | Miscellanées Bissextiles
Adela Mede | Szabads​á​g
Mega Ran | Mega Ran Mondays Vol. 1
Memoriam | Rise To Power
The Men | New York City
Metal Marty | Metal Marty’s Greatest Hits
M(h)aol | Attachment Styles
Pavel Milyakov | Mirrors
Mmeadows | Light Moves Around You
Mol$ | Bleach Star Shawty
Elli Moore | Green Juice
Jake Muscles | Waste Of Spunk
Brett Naucke | Cast A Double Shadow
Sham-e-Ali Nayeem | Moti Ka Sheher
Nemesism | Nemesism
Neriah | Falling 4 Somebody Single
Graham Nicholas | Black Creek
Noa | In Your Dreams
Not Scientists | Staring At The Sun
Nothing,nowhere. | Thirst4violence
Jenny O. | Spectra
Osiah | Chronos
Owl City | Adam, Check Please Single
Lee Paradise | Steady EP
P.E. | Nope Tapes Vol. 1
Peach PRC | Perfect For You
Phantasm | The Well-Tempered Consort – III
Phoxjaw | Notverynicecream
Pile | All Fiction
Pinkpantheress & Ice Spice | Boy’s A Liar Pt. 2
Pitchtorch | I Can See The Light From Here
Poco | The Sony/BMG A’s and B’s
Caroline Polachek | Bread & Butter
Polymerase | Dreams & Realities Pt. I
The Psychotic Monks | Pink Colour Surgery
Raue | Karma!!
Raye | My 21st Century Blues
Redbone | A’s and B’s
Adam Reid & The In-Betweens | The Numbers Keep Repeating
Remote Viewing | Modern Addictions
Rexoria | Imperial Dawn
Ricochets | Closer To The Light
Brandon Ross | Of Sight and Sound
The Royal Arctic Institute | From Coma To Catharsis
Todd Rundgren | The Individualist, A True Star Live
Russkaja | Turbo Polka Party
Seljuk Rustum | Cardboard Castles
Eddy Ruyter | Lost In A Trance
Carole Bayer Sager | Sometimes Late at Night Expanded Edition
Sanguisugabogg | Homicidal Ecstacy
Say Hi | Elocution Prattle
Alec Schulman | Light That Slips Away
Searows | House Song
João Selva | Passarinho
7Seconds | Walk Together, Rock Together Reissue
Aaryan Shah | A Love Letter To L.A
Shisasmo | To All Of You Who Know Love
Shoefit | CityT error
Skerryvore | Tempus
Skech185 & Jeff Markey | He Left Nothing For The Swim Back
Smashing Pumpkins | Atum: Act 2
Jim Snidero | Far Far Away
Somebody’s Child | Somebody’s Child
Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes | Live at the Bottom Line NYC, June 14th 1977
Spitting Image | Full Sun
Tim Stafford and Thomm Jutz | Lost Voices
Starspawn Of Cthulhu | The Cursed Vision
Stegosaurus | Dream State
Fox Stevenson | Enemy Brain Entertainment Suite
Stik Figa | Pookey: Stik Figa Finds Himself…
Stonewall Noise Orchestra | Constants In An Ever Changing Universe Reissue
Dave Stryker Trio | Prime
Mol Sullivan | A Little Hello
Mod Sun | God Save The Teen
Syml | The Day My Father Died
Brit Taylor | Kentucky Blue
Teether & Kuya Neil | Stressor
Tele Flûff | Eclectic Toast Machine
La Tène | Ecorcha​/​Taill​é​e
Ten56. | Downer Part 2 EP
Three Chillers | Three Chillers
TMSV | Sunglow EP
Tobacco | High on Life OST Vol 1
Tombouctou | Tricky Floors
Tropical Fuck Storm | Submersive Behaviour
Zane Trow | Envo​û​teuse Haleine
Shania Twain | Queen Of Me
Twenty One Pilots | Vessel 10th Anniversary Box Set
Twiztid | Freek Show 25th Anniversary Edition
2KBaby | Scared 2 Love
Uffe | Beg, Borrow and Steal
Stephen Ulrich | Music From This American Life
Unquiet Music Ltd | MEMEmusic
Vanille | La Clairière
Various Artists | American Bandstand US Top 100 Aug. 5, 1957
Various Artists | Do It All Night! The Sound Of Tardam Records
Various Artists | Duploc Blxck Txper 3.0 (XXL)
Various Artists | Ears of the People: Ekonting Songs from Senegal & The Gambia
Various Artists | The Greatest Country Hits of 1955
Various Artists | Heist Recordings: The Round Up Pt. 9
Various Artists | 1959 R&B Hits Collection
Various Artists | NOW That’s What I Call Music! 85
Various Artists | NOW That’s What I Call Music! Hip Hop Party
Various Artists | The R&B No. 1s of the ’40s
Various Artists | 7 Years Of Shall Not Fade
Various Artists | Siamese Anthology V
Various Artists | Six the Musical: Live on Opening Night Broadway Cast Recording
Various Artists | Sounds On The Couch: Independent Discovery Vol. 1
Various Artists | Weird: The Al Yankovic Story Soundtrack Vinyl
The Veils | …And Out Of The Void Came Love
The Velvet Hands | Sucker Punch
Viviz | VarioUS
Vylet Pony | Carousel (An Examination of the Shadow, ‘Creekflow’, and its Life as an Afterthought)
The Waeve | The Waeve
Sunny War | Anarchist Gospel
Kate Weekes | Better Days
What Strange Beasts | Starlight’s Castaways
White Widow | The God Uterus Dissolves
Betty Who | Running Up That Hill Single
Wilsn | Those Days Are Over
The Winery Dogs | III
Winter Willow | Existentiell Vånda
Wounder | Flight Of The Mucus Seed
WuW | L’Orchaostre
Xandria | The Wonders Still Awaiting
Yonic South | Devo Challenge Cup
Young Fathers | Heavy Heavy
Kaiho Zion | Transic Trips