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GreenWing Cook Up A Storm With Eatin’ It

The Saskatoon rockers sidestep the sophomore slump with their tasty second LP.

GreenWing give you plenty to sink your teeth into with their satisfying second album Eatin’ It — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

With this potent followup to their impressive 2022 debut Late Bloomer, the Saskatchewan indie-rockers set out to prove that they’re anything but a one-trick pony — and succeed handily. The eight fat-free songs on Eatin’ It find the foursome raising the musical stakes while simultaneously upping the lyrical ante. Fusing full-bodied guitar riffs and stylishly swaggering rhythms with memorable melodies and big singalong choruses, these arena-ready anthems ride the fence between rock, pop and grunge. The result: An album that not only sidesteps the sophomore slump, but cements GreenWing’s reputation as one of Western Canada’s most-promising young bands.

Give plenty of credit to singer-guitarist Matt Stinn, who once again rides a fine balance between tongue-in-cheek self depreciation and intimate moments of self-reflection on songs that address everything from processing interpersonal conflict to embracing the good things as they come to you. While tracks like Little Regret and At The Time lean into GreenWing’s powerful signature sound, other cuts Like Fences and Come Clean see the band actively expanding their tonal palette, making full use of the depth that the band’s newest members — drummer Kolton Kimbley and guitarist Anthony Allegretto — have brought to the table.

Photo by Captured Beyond Today.

With a focus on change, growth and forward momentum, the album’s creation is every bit as impressive as its content. Eatin’ It was recorded piecemeal over six weeks, with only one or two members in the studio at any point due to various professional and personal commitments. A highlight of this hectic time: Bassist Travis Williams providing live production feedback over Skype from an airport in Nunavut while Stinn recorded vocals hours away in Saskatoon. Surrounded by a strong community of like-minded creatives, GreenWing drew on those close to them to help complete the ambitious project.

Established in 2021, GreenWing quickly made a name for themselves with their chaotic stage shows and top-shelf songwriting. After the 2022 release of Late Bloomer, the band found themselves opening for Three Days Grace, Mom Jeans, One Bad Son, Reinwolf and more. In short order, GreenWing began amassing a cult following among passionate fans of live music. Following the release of their 2023 single Dark, they received multiple award nominations, eventually being named Sask Music’s 2023 Rock Artist of The Year.

Listen to Eatin’ It below and spend some time with GreenWing on their website, Instagram, Facebook and TikTok.


Photo by Captured Beyond Today.