Astles Happily Announces: This One’s For You

The Liverpool indie-popster's first release of 2023 possesses an endearing energy.

Astles shares the joy with his upbeat new single This One’s For You — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

The emerging Liverpool singer-songwriter’s first release of 2023 possesses an endearing energy, with a rattly analogue drum machine that immediately pulls you into his nostalgic, cinematic world. Sombre piano chords and the soundtracky strings of AstlesBalloon Moon Orchestra underpin his vocals, which are laid back but rich with emotion. Sidestepping the overwhelm of life, he draws on the love of those around him.

This One’s For You is a song about realizing how lucky I am to have wonderful people in my life,” he explains. “It’s quite easy sometimes to sit and be unhappy with how things play out, how life doesn’t quite go the way you would like at points. But I have beautiful inspiring people around me every day who chose to spend their time, efforts and life with me. So maybe I’m doing better than I’d like to think sometimes.

This One’s For You is a love song, an unwanted gift almost! I have written hundreds of songs for and about the people I love and I’m sure they’re fed up with it by now. But then moments when I feel truly understood and loved, I always find myself going to write a song. There is no safer and inspiring feeling than being truly yourself. And the ones you love get you to that place time and time again.”

Astles music colours misty melancholy in pastel seaside shades. This should come as no surprise given that Daniel Astles grew up between the sleepy seaside town of Southport and the independent state of Liverpool. His songwriting is a homage to the heartfelt, a tender celebration of flesh and blood, whispered into your ear by a voice as warm as milky tea.

Astles’ music is honest, heartwarming, heartbreaking and grandiose. Incorporating cinematic string sections and orchestral instrumentation. He often appears live with the Balloon Moon Orchestra, a band of 10 musicians including a string quartet and harp. His music is deeply inspired by family, friends and a city full of community, culture and music history. Astles draws on a love of ’70s analogue production and heartfelt lyricism, with his taste being developed from his late uncle’s lost mixtapes and vinyls.

Check out This One’s For You above, hear more from Astles below, and follow him on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


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