Tinnitist TV | Episode 76: Ron Sexsmith

The veteran troubadour on being a Luddite, pushing 60, Kim Cattrall & much more.

Ron Sexsmith is right at home these days. In more ways than one.

In the very real sense, the veteran Canadian singer-songwriter says he’s finally settled in and embraced the quiet life in the Ontario countryside, where he moved several years back after decades in Toronto. On a more personal level, the 59-year-old artist says he also feels more comfortable in his own skin and with the state of his career.

You can hear that contentment and maturity in every groove of his 17th studio album The Vivian Line. Named after a road near his house that he thinks of as the dividing line between his old and new lives, the album blends wistful romantic ballads with lighthearted, homespun tales of country life.

A couple of weeks before it arrived, Sexsmith Zoomed in from — where else? — his home to discuss his Luddite leanings, turning 60, partying with Kim Cattrall and plenty more. Enjoy.