Hölt Keep Their Eyes On 55

The St. Catharines rockers have your number with their new strip-club anthem.

Hölt celebrate girls, girls, girls (in more ways than one) with their new strip-club anthem Eyes On 55 — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

The blistering new single and first preview of the St. Catharines, Ont. band’s upcoming album Turn Me Ön, Eyes On 55 is based on a dive gentleman’s club that clearly had an impact on band founder and singer-songwriter Kenny Holt. Though another band also had a hand in his inspiration. “I just figured that if Mötley Crüe could have a song about good clubs, we could have a song about a bad one,” he cracks.

Like many other bands afflicted by the pandemic, recording a new album was a labour of love for Holt, who dug deep to put together music with meaning that was heavier than your average rock band. “It wasn’t hard to write songs about the isolation and loneliness I’ve faced at times, the hypocrisy of governments, failed relationships, missing my family back home in England and so on and so forth.” he says. “The songs came together reasonably easy for the most part. I pulled out my Rolodex of riffs and put some lyrics to them one line at a time.”

Bringing Hölt to life on stage is the work of a talented group of local musicians out of the St. Catharines area. Accompanying Holt’s guitar and vocal work are percussionist Michael Lamb, Dylon Murray on bass and Ryan Etherington on guitar.

Check out Eyes On 55 above and below, and follow Hölt on Twitter.


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