Tinnitist TV | Episode 97: Brandon Hardesty Of Bumpin’ Uglies

The reggae-rocker talks band names, art vs. entertainment, being the boss & more.


Brandon Hardesty is no fool. He knows his band Bumpin Uglies don’t have the greatest name. Then again, neither do Foo Fighters, and they’ve done OK.

The same goes for Bumpin Uglies. For 15 years, singer-guitarist Hardesty and his hard-touring Annapolis outfit have been serving up jammy reggae-rock and ska-punk for a loyal, steadily increasing fanbase. For their latest release Underdog: The Acoustic Sessions, Hardesty offers stripped-down renditions of hits and highlights from their seven albums, along with the new title track and other recent creations. During a rare break from touring, Hardesty Zoomed in to talk about balancing art and entertainment, being the boss, regretting that band name and plenty more. Enjoy.



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