Sonic Detour Get Pushed Over The Edge Into Uncivilized Mayhem

The N.B. rockers channel their internal chaos into a blazing, uncompromising track.

Sonic Detour get down and dirty on their visceral, blistering new single Uncivilized — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

A no-holds-barred shot to the ear that brings the thunder right out the gate, Uncivilized’s booming drums and rip-roaring guitar riffs set the tone for things to come. Sonic Detour demonstrate why they’re a band to watch out for with an impressively intricate musical composition driven by precise execution.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the spellbinding song pushed the New Brunswick band to the limit during the recording process and is a testament to the group’s resilience. Just as they were about to begin recording Uncivilized, singer and songwriter David ‘Goose’ Jenkly had a change of heart. “The lyrics and vocal melody were completely overhauled the night before recording,” he says.

Despite the chaotic circumstances, Jenkly opted to reach deep within himself for lyrical inspiration. “I don’t like to talk about the meaning behind lyrics, but needless to say, I was going through some things at the time, and it came out.” Indeed, Each line is a gut punch that draws on the feeling of being slowly pushed toward the edge of sanity as the world continues to descend into uncertainty:

“I’ve drifted over the line
Cut out my tongue and become Uncivilized
You should come around and see me, man, I’m easy to find
Where reality thrives and the animals die.”

The controlled chaos continued from the moment Sonic Detour got into the studio. “Approximately 10 minutes into the session, we get a knock on the studio door and in comes an older gentleman. He said he has an office next door and it’s too loud during business hours. So we shut down the session and agreed to come back the next day,” says drummer Jeff Andrusyk. “I arrive at the studio the next day. I don’t think I was even five minutes into recording when my pedal punched a hole into the kick drum. Everything that could have gone wrong went wrong.”

The adaptability of Sonic Detour has become one of its signature strengths. The Saint John quintet came together in 2019 and immediately began making waves with their self-titled debut EP, which was nominated for an ECMA in 2021. Along with Jenkly and Andrusyk, the Sonic Detour features bassist Jason Crowley and guitarists Marcus Marcial and Nikki Cook. They are currently working on their first album.

Check out Uncivilized above, hear more from Sonic Detour below, and visit them at their website, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok.