60 East, Elzhi and Evidence Stride Confidently On Wet Roads

Three heads turn out to be better than one on the rapper's latest release.


60 East steps out with Elzhi and Evidence on his new single Wet Roads — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Wet Roads marks a remarkable collaboration between 60 East and Elzhi, a former member of the iconic Slum Village group, celebrated for his lyrical prowess and unforgettable contributions to the hip-hop genre. Joining forces with them is none other than Evidence, a core member of Dilated Peoples, plus a distinguished artist and producer under the Rhymesayers Entertainment banner.

With Wet Roads, listeners can expect a blend of masterful lyricism, captivating storytelling, and top-tier production that demonstrates the dynamic synergy between 60 East, Elzhi and Evidence. The track promises to be a sonic journey that delves deep into the essence of hip-hop, touching on themes that resonate with both old-school aficionados and contemporary music enthusiasts.

“I’m beyond excited to share Wet Roads with the world,” says 60 East. “Working with Elzhi and Evidence has been an incredible experience, and I believe this collaboration truly captures the essence of hip-hop’s evolution while staying true to its roots.”

Check out Wet Roads above, hear more from 60 East below, and head over to his website, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.


Photo by Wackoe.
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