Dylan Joshua Has Been Through This Twomanytimes

The Mississauga hip-hopper vents his romantic frustrations in his latest track.


Dylan Joshua needs a break from the drama he’s been through Twomanytimes in his new single and lyric video — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Sometimes, romantic relationships can be stifling if your partner is smothering you. When you need some space from your partner and you can’t get it, it can be frustrating to deal with. Mississauga hip-hopper Joshua vents this frustration in his latest track, the first single from his new EP Leave You In The Ends. Against a laid-back beat and acoustic guitar and drums, Joshua laments about needing some space from his partner. Not only have they been fighting a lot, but he sees her so much that it feels too much:

“Too much on my mind I needed space, yeah
Too much of these fights I need a break, yeah
How much of my time you wanna waste?
Shordie in my mind or in my face.”

With over 10 million streams across platforms, Joshua is crafting a reputation as an elite level multi-faceted artist. The producer, songwriter, and designer is carving out a cult-like fanbase through his ability to connect with people through a unique blend of musicality, lyricism, and relatable topics. Often compared to veteran acts such as Frank Ocean, Bryson Tiller and Travis Scott, Dylan brings a rugged emotional feel blending R&B and hip-hop. He debuted with his 2020 EP Hologram, which received widespread praise, and his issued a string of followups, including the 2021 EP Lost Travels and the early 2023 EP Loading.

Check out the lyric video for Twomanytimes above, hear more from Dylan Joshua below and follow him on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok.


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