Eclecticus Cut Loose On New Five Point 0 Album & Took Me For Granted Single

The Toronto duo come out swinging on their cathartic, energized new release.


Eclecticus shake off the winter-lockdown blues with their energized new album Five Point 0 and the video for leadoff single Took Me For Granted — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

“We let loose with this record,” says Tiina LeMay, who fronts the Toronto rock duo with partner Gar Reid. “It’s catchy and colourful!”

Landing just four months after their previous offering, 2020’s Take Me Away, Five Point 0 was a cathartic and reinvigorating experience for the duo. Look no further than the headbanging video for Took Me for Granted, shot on location in their home in Toronto.

Took Me for Granted is one of our favourite songs on the release, so it seemed fitting we’d put together a video for it as well,” Reid shares. “Shooting it was a lot of fun; it allowed Tiina and I to both get our ‘freak’ on and release a lot of the pent-up energy that had arisen during the lockdown. These days, we are stuck inside. We figured: what better way to use our time than to make more music? Five Point 0 is different from our last album in that it has a lively pop-rock vibe. Take Me Away felt darker, and more intimate in its acoustic base.”

While the discs may deliver different vibes — and explain the band’s name — they possess the same heart and soul the band delivered in earlier releases like So Illogical (2018), Hole Hearted (2012), and their eponymous debut Eclecticus I (2009). Produced by Reid and LeMay, Five Point 0 features performers Hamish Young, Ed Perry, Keith Sutcliffe and JimmyD; Reid mixed and engineered the release, with Ian McCulloch adding his talents to the second track Get Me the President.

Watch Took Me For Granted above, listen to Five Point 0 below and keep up with Eclecticus on their website, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.