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Now Hear This: The Arrogants | Brainwash

These French retro-rockers put their own spin on the vintage sound of ’60s garage.

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Since 2008, The Arrogants have explored the sounds of ’60s Mod, garage-rock, psychedelia, blues and R&B. Brainwash is their sophomore album, long awaited by their fans. It was released on Dirty Water Records, the label that also released their first 7” Introducing and their debut LP No Time To Wait, behind which they toured in England, Spain, Germany, France.

Featuring a change of lineup around singer-guitarist and bandleader Thomas Babczynski, this album is ready to explode! After a recent meeting with none other than Pete Townshend, The Who’s guitarist penned this enthusiastic blurb for Brainwash‘s album sleeve: “I love all these tunes, the videos, and the look of the band. BUT…I think you may have been born into the wrong era!! Ha ha. You really have captured the vibe of the very early ’60s Mod scene and the U.K. R&B scene, this will work because you have reinvented it all so well.”