Noelle Hannibal Ain’t A Tourist For Love

The Montreal singer-songwriter wants to get romantically real on her new single.


Noelle Hannibal is looking for more than a holiday fling on her new single and video I Ain’t A Tourist —  showcasing today on Tinnitist.

The title track from her just-released EP, Ain’t A Tourist finds the L.A.-born, Montreal-based indie-pop singer-songwriter trying to go deep and get real with a showy suitor who just wants to wow her with superficiality and smooth talk:

“I’d rather see your side streets
Don’t wanna climb your mountains
I wanna know your secrets
Don’t need to see no fountains
I wanna hear the verses
Before I hear the chorus
If all you are is a tour guide
I ain’t a tourist.”

The song was inspired by personal experience and a deluge of inspiration during COVID. “When the pandemic hit in 2020 and we were all trapped at home, I started writing again,” Hannibal says. “I realized how much I missed it. The music started to flow out of me. All my anxieties and angst, my love, my disgust… I have at least three albums worth of songs in my scribbly handwriting, in various notebooks, throughout my house and in my car.”

Hannibal is an award-winning singer-songwriter and actress who appeared in the film Star Trek: First Contact. Originally from Los Angeles, she made her professional theatre debut in Hair, then moved to Ireland to tour the country performing in both theatrical productions and concerts. While in Dublin, she made her living as a busker and began to write her own music. She has recorded and performed extensively throughout both North America and Europe and released her debut album Somewhere in Between in 2011.

Ain’t A Tourist was produced and co-written by her dear friend and Grammy winner Scot Sax and recorded in Nashville. Watch the video for the song above, check out the EP below, then tour Noelle Hannibal’s website, Facebook and Twitter.


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