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Albums Of The Week: The Far Outs | The Far Outs

Meet your new favourite garage-rock band — a Brisbane duo who deliver a different kind of thunder from Down Under on their slamming, sweat-soaked debut album.

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:The Far Outs began as a side project to Brisbane’s Grand Atlantic — as an outlet for songs that didn’t quite fit the band’s format but still desperately needed a place to party. With influences ranging from the likes of The Kinks, The Sonics and The Easybeats, the group are quickly establishing a reputation for their ’60s-influenced garage-rock — featuring blistering riffs, catchy choruses and drums akimbo.

The Far Outs played their first show in Fortitude Valley on Oct. 5, 2020 and have since performed at most live music venues in Brisbane — including your favourite bar — and are probably there right now drinking your beers. Drummer Jonny Pickvance (Blonde On Blonde, Fingerless, etc.) has been a part of Brisbane’s music scene for long enough to know better. He joins singer-guitarist Phil Usher (Sacred Shrines, Hillsborough, etc.) to complete the ultimate party equation.

Jonny and Phil have been around the block a few times and have shared the stage with a kaleidoscope of local and international bands, including everything from The Dandy Warhols and INXS to Barry Manilow, Tame Impala and a whole heap more. Chief songwriter Phil Usher, who also drums for Screamfeeder and Sounds Like Sunset, has had his work featured internationally on TV shows and movies like Gossip Girl, Dawson’s Creek, Bondi Rescue, Underbelly and more.

The Far Outs’ album started its life during a fertile period of songwriting for Grand Atlantic’s third and final album. Several songs appeared from the ether that really had no place on the GA record, but had a freshness and immediacy that required attention. It was at this point that it was decided to start a new project — a duo — where these tunes could find their rightful place in the world. Other songs followed quickly close behind, complimenting the sound of the initial compositions, alongside carefully selected deep-cut covers and The Far Outs were born!

Last Night, one of the earliest of the initial songs written before the project had even begun, immediately became a live staple for the new band, now chosen as the first single to be lifted from this debut LP. The song was built around the central catchy riff that could have come from a long lost album by The Sonics circa 1963. In typical garage-rock style, the lyrics don’t spend any time trying to define the mysteries of our immense universe. Instead, they stick to more earthly subjects such as partying and relationships gone bad. It’s a simple mission to turn the down times on their head and celebrate with abandon both sides of the coin that we all experience during our lifetimes.

The recording for the album was done quickly and the brief was simple: Keep it raw. Keep it fun. Lunch at the pub. The band were well-rehearsed, and with a limited number of instruments to consider, the main concern was capturing the lightning radiating from a band, with very few concerns other than squeezing a good time out of every passing moment. Buy the ticket. Take the ride. Turn it up real loud, you heathens.”