Carla Muller Reflects On The Last Two Years

The Ontario folksinger does it for the kids with her thoughtful new single.

Carla Muller wishes she could erase The Last Two Years in her moving new single and lyric video — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Among the unsung heroes of the pandemic were the children of the world, who faced tremendous hardship and uncertainty. Ontario folk artist Muller pays tribute to the resilience displayed by these young souls in The Last Two Years, which will appear on her upcoming album In Between.

“During these years, our kids were affected by isolation, fear and anxiety,” she says. “This is for them, for all of the parents, like me, who watched their children’s world get smaller and smaller as the days wore on. And of course, this is for my own kids who stayed home to protect me because of my own health issues.

“My health has taken a few hits since 2020, but I’m working to overcome all of that,” Muller recalls. “Still, I kept going to my friends at Canterbury and for each new obstacle, I’d learn how to sing around it, and since I wasn’t yet getting the sounds I wanted from my voice and so many wonderful musicians were available to record, we just kept laying down tracks for me to sing to later. What started as one album turned into six.”

The Last Two Years also pays tribute to her own kids and speaks to the agonizing decisions so many families had to make:

“I thought that the once the April rain would come
We’d all be free to live again
I was the reason that you had to stay apart
I was the one who broke your heart.”

“I can never repay my kids, wouldn’t even know where to start, for I have seen firsthand just how deeply their time away from friends and their own lives has affected them,” Muller says. “It came to me one day, all in a rush after a particularly heart-wrenching time with one of my girls. I’d have done anything, given anything to erase the pain that all of this has caused.”

Watch the lyric video for The Last Two Years above, hear more from Carol Muller below, and spend some time with her on her website, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.