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Classic Album Review: Jersey | Generation Genocide

The Ontario punks lean more toward The Clash & Rancid than Sum 41's snot-pop.

This came out in 2003 – or at least that’s when I got it. Here’s what I said about it back then (with some minor editing):


OK, so the concept of a major-label punk band is still kind of a contradition in terms.

Philosophical oxymorons aside, it’s easy to see Canada’s own Jersey are still smarter than the average band. Their smartest move: Ignoring the snotty teen-punk of Sum 41 in favour of the old-school sound of Rancid and The Clash on their new CD Generation Genocide. Even more satisfying, they do a damn fine job of it. Despite emerging from Southern Ontario — and consisting mostly of alumni from hardcore metal-punkers Grade — the full-throttle backbeats, buzzsaw guitars, rusty-pipe vocals and dog-pack choruses of leather-jacket anthems like This Town, One Way St. and Shop Floor resonate with the same guttersnipe romanticism of Tim Armstrong and co. Yeah, maybe their drummer is a little too metallic at times. And maybe they could use a few stronger hooks. But next to all the minor talents out there, Jersey definitely belong in the major leagues.