Bulletproof Soul Take You Cruising In The Whip

The genre-bending Florida outfit hit the streets with a preview of their debut album.

Bulletproof Soul slow their roll and cruise the mean streets in The Whip with their new single — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

A preview of the genre-blending Florida outfit’s upcoming album Grasping Things At The Root, The Whip sheds light on the masterful sound curation of the group, shifting through neo-soul rhythms, hip-hop-heavy lyrics and brushstrokes of art pop.

Due July 28, the 12-track project meditates on the importance of cultural unity through stories of dialectical materialism and social conditioning. And although the album’s title hints at the band’s lyrical depth, the project avoiding heavy-handed polemics and blatant messages, preferring to showcase their storytelling skills.

“Although it would be very punk rock to kick off the Bulletproof Soul era with to-the-point, anti-imperialist, radical messaging, we thought it best to deliver a message more subtle in nature, a message all may just be able to get behind. We thought it best to address the why of issues, such as crime, or why community and culture feel more and more tenuous by the day. We wanted to present cultural unity,” the band say in a statement.

Throughout the project, the musical collective’s members — including Austin Moore-Farrow, Nyyjerya, eqobKING, SLWJMZ, Lofty305, DJ Sabrina the Teenage DJ, Kengeta, TWENTYN9NE and Ali Wisdom — reflect on the importance of cultural unity in a time of oppression and systemic issues. “The twist after listening to the album, though it could be obvious right away, is that the album is actually about everyone in society. Everyone can and is affected by social conditioning to some extent. Most working-class people have to do things they don’t want to do to survive, while many also suffer from their material conditions,” Bulletproof Soul explain.

Borrowing its title from Angela Davis — who also prominently adorns the album cover — Grasping Things At The Root chooses to speak on issues typically swept under the rug, making the coalition stand out for its bravery and unwavering social commentary. Aside from the political stance, we have talented lyricists speaking their truth and next-level production, relying on their community to emphasize the album’s main message. “It is important to remember at the end of the day, community can solve our problems; organizing, unionizing, being there for one another. Community and culture is the root of society, not money and greed. Because without each other, we are just a drifting rose in a sea of faces,” the band share.

Check out The Whip above and below, and cruise over to Bulletproof Soul’s website, Twitter and Instagram.