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Classic Album Review: Powerman 5000 | Transform

Spider One and his cartoon-metal meatheads offer up another pointless platter.

This came out in 2003 – or at least that’s when I got it. Here’s what I said about it back then (with some minor editing):


Anyone remember buying Powerman 5000’s 2001 CD Anyone For Doomsday? Of course you don’t — it never came out. At the last minute, the disc was suspiciously shelved. I have no idea why; after all, it couldn’t have been worse than the predictable and dated Transform, the reconfigured cartoon-metal quintet’s pointless comeback disc.

Put the blame on frontman Spider One, who just happens to be Rob Zombie’s little brother — and seems quite content to dwell in the shadow of his more talented sibling. Granted, you can’t scold him for possessing the same monstrous roar of a voice as Robo. But you can condemn him (and his band) for trafficking in the same sort of rubber-necked, horror-flecked nü-metal cliches as the rest of Zombie’s legion of imitators. And while you can give him credit for not copying his bro’s hellbilly looks, you have to wonder why he would instead adopt an even sillier and less original look: The spiky ’do, dog-collar neckwear and Elvis Presley sneer of punk has-been Billy Idol. Mostly, though, after slogging through fittingly titled tunes like Theme To A Fake Revolution, Stereotype and Song About Nuthin’, you just blame whoever it was that didn’t have the same sort of second thoughts about Transform that they had about Powerman’s last CD.