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Mayssa Karaa Discovers Her Own Private Versailles in New Video

Exotic, sultry single highlights Lebanese-American singer's debut disc.

Mayssa Karaa dances the night away in Versailles, her seductive and sultry new single and video showcasing today on Tinnitist.

In this hip-swivelling and exotic single from her debut album Simple Cure, Karaa shows just what dance music can be in the modern age. Without trying to rebrand the genre or force styles together, the Los Angeles world-pop singer takes age-old elements that are the DNA of dance, pop, R&B and soul — infectiousness, groove and accessibility — and mixes less-tangible qualities like charm, charisma, passion and stylish grace to fashion something both recognizable but also cutting edge and forward thinking.

Throw in a whole slice of arabesque exoticism, sultry pop moves, and a beguiling video and you have an exhilarating musical mix in which Versailles serves as a metaphor for embracing life, embracing diversity and one another, no matter where we come from or where we are going. More than that, it is about finding freedom and happiness and allowing others to do the same.

“Ultimately, we are really all connected,” says Karaa. “What happens when you’re finally able to push all the negativity away from your life? Something truly magical and extraordinary. We often forget that we should live in the moment, because we only have one life, and it is happening … now! This song is all about what happens when we free ourselves from all the harmful stereotypes, preconceptions and false beliefs that might affect our thinking through life.

“Using the luxury of the stunning Palace of Versailles in France as a powerful metaphor, this song is all about portraying how exciting life could be, if we only realized that we don’t need a royal palace, a castle or a temple … it’s all in your mind! The happy place is within ourselves, and we can get there whenever we want if we only embrace it.”

Many would argue the best music embraces both the familiar and the new, a trait Karaa clearly exhibits in her work. The Lebanese-American singer has earned praise for her hypnotic vocal delivery, distinctive style and performance in the supporting videos, and — maybe most of all — her introspective yet exploring lyrics.

“My album tells a story with each song playing its part,” she says. “I think it’s one many can relate to today. This is for those who left their homes, looking for the exciting unknown, perhaps something better. It’s for those who dared break out from their own shackles and explore the world on their own terms, while also embracing who they really are, and who they want to be. Time had taught me the cure isn’t outside of us: the simple cure is you! This is a musical journey of empowerment and self-acceptance.”

Visit Mayssa Karaa’s Versailles above, listen to the rest of Simple Cure below, and connect with her via her website, Facebook and Instagram.