The Flakes Don’t Want To Miss Their Chance When They Get It

The Halifax rockers get ambitous on a single from their Elephant In The Room album.


The Flakes acknowledge the Elephant In The Room with their new single When I Get It — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

The leadoff single from their recent album Elephant In The Room, When I Get It showcases the Halifax band’s exceptional musicianship. While the instrumentation emanates warmth and hope, the lyrical approach tells a different story, addressing ambition, the mechanics of self-defeat and the emotional upheaval that accompanies them.

Speaking of upheaval: Elephant In The Room came together after a long and extensive process — including multiple re-recordings of the album. As the band’s technical know-how of producing and mixing music grew, so too did the refinements on the project; when it came time for the album’s recording after three separate attempts, it was all business. Meticulous attention to sonic detail is employed across the nine-track disc to ensure everything is up to snuff, and the resulting release synthesis of genres that will appeal to guitar aficionados and dancers alike.

Founded in 2017 by guitarist Adam Sweeney and drummer Kyle Merson, The Flakes enlisted the electrifying vocals of Tynan Moors in 2018, followed by several blazing singles that summer. Since then, they toured cross-country and played a host of festivals before the pandemic turned down the volume — though it did help them focus on making an album as authentic as possible.

Listen to When I Get It above, listen to Elephant In The Room below, and follow The Flakes on Facebook and Instagram.