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The Holy Gasp Giveth …And The Lord Hath Taken Away

The Toronto ensemble's latest ambitious offering features 45 musicians and vocalists.

The Holy Gasp share a musical parable with their theatrical, thought-provoking, and genre-disrupting third album …And The Lord Hath Taken Away — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

The third full-length studio release from the Toronto project led by Benjamin Hackman, …And the Lord Hath Taken Away is a 65-minute work with 18 tracks, written for an orchestra of 45 musicians and vocalists.
Created with fellow composer Anthony William Wallace and Maestro Robert W. Stevenson, the ambitious album findds the ensemble continuing their undefinable style, aiming their artform towards the intersection of multiple musical and lyrical styles.

It marks their first album since 2018, when they released The Love Songs Of Oedipus Rex, a 27-person concept LP about a troubled marriage further burdened by the death of the husband’s father. The Holy Gasp’s first record, The Last Generation Of Love, released in 2015, was regarded as “a future cult-classic debut.”

Founded in 2011 by poet and composer Hackman, The Holy Gasp are a multi-genre ensemble that strive to entertain fans of theatrical, darkly comical, literary music, with instrumentation and personnel that change regularly to meet the needs and vision of each new project.

Sample …And the Lord Hath Taken Away below, watch some of the album’s videos above, and keep up with The Holy Gasp at their website, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.