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Next Week in Music | April 10-16 • The Long List: 400 Releases On The Way

All the new albums you'll be listening to next week — and a lot more you won't be.

Today in rock ’n’ roll birthdays: Matthew Healy of The 1975 is 34, Ezra Koenig of Vampire Weekend turns 39, Julian Lennon and L7’s Donita Sparks both hit 60, Izzy Stradlin of Guns N’ Roses turns 61 and Steve Howe of Yes is 76. That’s a solid playlist of possibilities for you — but first, scroll through the 400 new albums, EPs, singles, box sets, compilations, anthologies, retrospectives, soundtracks, vinyl reissues and cassettes arriving next week:



ADN’ Ckrystall | Frankraut
AK | You Single
Olivier Alary | Apparitions Vol. 1
Alase | A Matter Of Time
Abraham Alexander | Sea/Sons
Raul Alvarez | One Night In The Heaven
Archon Angel | II
Ann-Margret | Born To Be Wild
Lucie Antunes | Carnaval
Anunaku | 063
Arkajo | Finally, I’m In Orbit
Ash & Eric | Where We’ve Been EP
Atarka | The Mountain
Atreyu | The Hope Of A Spark EP
Attractive Chaos | The Fire Between Us
Audiobooks | Gulliver EP
Aziya | Atomic Single
Babygirl | Be Still My Heart EP
Backtrack Blues Band | A Day by the Bay
Baustelle | Elvis
Beatchild & Häzel | This Too
Brian Belott | Sound Scribbles
Bhavi | Abducción EP
Jason Bieler & The Baron Von Bielski Orchestra | Postcards From the Asylum
Bilderine | Split Seconds
The Black Delta Movement | Recovery Effects
Black Eyes | Cough Demos
Black Eyes | Live in Amsterdam 11-05-2003
Black Eyes | Live in San Francisco 5-23-2003
Black Eyes | S/T Demos
Black Orchid Empire | Tempus Veritas
Black Thought and El Michaels Affair | Glorious Game
Blanco | Innamorato
Blowers | Blown Again
Bodywash | I Held The Shape While I Could
Bolbbalgan4 | Love_zip
Howard (Youngblood) Bomar | I, Who Have Nothing Reissue
Joe Bonamassa | Tales Of Time
Booko | The Downer
Pi’erre Bourne | Grails
David Bowie | Aladdin Sane 50th Anniversary Edition
Jonathan Bree | Pre Code Hollywood
Kyle Bruckmann | Usage
Anthony Bruno | Anthony Bruno
Bubble | Dr Sure’s Unusual Practice
Buck-Tick | 異空 Izora
The Bug Club | Green Dream In F# Reissue
The Bug Club | Pure Particles Reissue
Busted | Loser Kid 2.0 (ft. Simple Plan) Single
David Cairol | Ver(s)e
Camille | Feuerwerk
Cape Crush | San Souci EP
C.A. Quintet | Trip Thru Hell
Charlotte Cardin | Confetti Single
Hanneke Cassel | Infinite Brightness
Champs | Ride The Morning Glass
Chappaqua Wrestling | Plus Ultra
Brìghde Chaimbeul | Carry Them With Us
Kerry Charles | I Think of You
Adèle Charvet | Teatro Sant’Angelo: Vivaldi, Chelleri, Ristori
Chief Keef | Almighty So 2
Julie Christensen | The Price We Pay for Love
Cindy | Why Not Now?
Citizens Band Orchestra | So Changed the Landscape
Josienne Clarke | Onliness
Kelly Clarkson | Mine / Me
The Composers Collective Big Band | The Toronto Project
Confusionaires! | Westernization
Crankdat | Slaughter House
The Creative Technology Consortium {CtC} | Panoramic Colorsound
The Crowns | Hopelessly Obsessed
Cruush | Wishful Thinker EP
Spencer Cullum’s Coin Collection | Spencer Cullum’s Coin Collection 2
Dead Horse Beats | Moon Mist EP
Jackson Dean | Live At The Ryman
Death & Legacy | D4rk Prophecies
Deathgrave | It’s Only Midnight
Death’s Dynamic Shroud | GenoMods
Defprez | It’s Always A Time Like This
Deimos’ Dawn | Anthem Of The Lost
Desmond Dekker | Essential Artist Collection
Ben de la Cour | Sweet Anhedonia
Lachlan Denton | Furnishings
Sergio Díaz De Rojas | Muerte En Una Tarde De Verano
Despite The Reverence | Stress Of Evolution
Destroy Lonely | If Looks Could Kill
Giovanni Di Domenico, Silvia Tarozzi & Emmanuel Holterbach | L’Occhio Del Vedere
Dinner Party | Enigmatic Society
Diplo | Use Me (ft. Dove Cameron & Johnny Blue Skies)
Dirty Heads | Midnight Control Sessions: Night 2 EP
Dishwasher_ | Dishwasher_
Dr. Sure’s Unusual Practice – Bubble
Dødheimsgard | Black Medium Current
Don Joe | Don Dada
Døøf | Døøfus Can’t Read Vol. 2
Dustin Douglas & the Electric Gentlemen | Black Leather Blues
Dragon Welding | The Dark E​P
Chris Duarte | Ain’t Giving Up
The Ducks | High Flyin’
Richard Duguay | Beautiful Decline
Brian Dunne | Loser On The Ropes
Eahwee_ | Life Force
Edoma | Buried By Permafrost
Eli Hurts | Ouch, Eli Hurts
Caleb Elliott | Weed, Wine & Time
Eloise | Drunk On A Flight
Wayne Escoffery | Like Minds
Exit North | Anyway, Still
Feist | Multitudes
Fews | Glass City
51 Peg | A​\​Version
Valentina Fin, Manuel Caliumi, Giovanni Fochesato, Stefano Battaglia, Nicolò Masetto, Filippo Mampreso | An Artist’s Life Manifesto
Fire! Orchestra | Echoes
Proc Fiskal | Rt Hon
Flock | In C EP
Gabby Fluke-Mogul & Nava Dunkelman | Likht
Greg Foat & Art Themen | Off-Piste
40 Octaves Below / DI Auger | MthrFckr
French The Kid | No Signal
Frost Children | Speed Run
Fruit Bats | A River Running To Your Heart
Ghosts On TV | Ghosts On TV
Goat | Seu Sangue EP
GoGo Penguin | Everything Is Going To Be OK
Good Kid | Good Kid 3
Grafh & 38 Spesh | Art of Words
Grandbrothers | Late Reflections
Emm Gryner | Business & Pleasure
Gum Takes Tooth | Recovery Position
The Half-Cubes | The Weakest Shade Of Blue Singe
Michael Hamilton | A Language Forever
Handcuff | Handcuff
Hataloom | In Situ
Hauras | Pervades
The Hellfreaks | Pitch Black Sunset
Martyn Heyne | Eight Reflections in Darkness
The Hidden Cameras | The Smell of Our Own 20th Anniversary Edition
Highway 61 | Driving South
Hippo Campus | Wasteland EP
Holbrook | Aliens EP
Holo | Technicolour EP
Phil Hooley | Provenance
Ilajan | Villes de Papier
Indal | Set The Night On Fire
Infected Rain | The Devil’s Dozen Live
Lola Índigo | El Dragón
The Infinity Ring | Nemesis & Nativity
Initiate | Cerebral Circus
Inna | Just Dance #DQH2
Jake Isaac | For When It Hurts
I’ve | I’ve I’ve
Taku Iwasaki | Shin Kamen Rider Music Collection
Kara Jackson | Why Does The Earth Give Us People To Love?
Chris James | Why Should We Turn Around?
Jawbox | The Revisionist EP Vinyl Reissue
Kito Jempere | The Language Of Love
Jesus Piece | …So Unknown
Jimmy | Do What Makes You Happy
Jaguar Jonze & Haru Nemuri | Angry Angry
Kaas | Flügelschlag
Kaiser Chiefs | Jealousy
Roe Kapara | I Hope Hell Isn’t Real
Magnus Karlsson | Free Fall
Robert Earl Keen | Western Chill
Dro Kenji | Arsonist
Kep1er | Lovestruck!
Elijah Kessler | Lightspeed
Kicksie | Slouch
Kid Koala | Creatures Of The Late Afternoon
Brevin Kim | High School Football
Mikado Koko | Pagan Tale
Chris Korda | Not My Problem, I’ll Be Dead
Kytly | Detours And Exits
L.A. Guns | Black Diamonds
Lali | Lali
Yusef Lateef | Detroit Latitude 42° 30′ Longitude 83° Vinyl Reissue
Laurel | Change
Lavarr The Starr | Illusions Ago
Laveda | A Place You Grew Up In
Shannon Lay | Covers Vol. 1
Learke | Alright (With Torralba)
LeBrock | Gone
Leo/need | Sekai Album Vol.2
Lesky, Waywell & Mas | Upper Vera
Josh Levi | Ego Single
Ligeti Quartet & Anna Meredith | Nuc
Lil Darkie | 1 Billion Streams (God In The Moshpit)
Lil Fetus Bomb | Out The Womb
Lil Karat Stixx | Karadamus
Lilo | I Don’t Like My Chances On The Outside EP
Fenne Lily | Big Picture
Live In Vacuum | Lost
Lindsey Lomis | Universe EP
Logic & C Dot Castro | Halfbreed
Lindsey Lomis | Universe
Lucifer Star Machine | Satanic Age
Ingrid Lukas | Elumeloodia
Lily Guarneros Maase | Blood::face
Macabre | Sinister Slaughter Reissue
Jocelyn Mackenzie | Wake
Maesu | JakPak Spring ’23
Magazine Beach | Constant Springtime
Magnolia Park | Baku’s Revenge Deluxe Edition
Antoni Maiovvi | Birds of Paradise
Manu Manzo | Luna En Géminis
JaRon Marshall | Earth Sounds
Matthews Southern Comfort | The Woodstock Album
Mauvey | Before The Album 2: A Brief Overview
Mark Maxwell, Latour, Kid Enigma | Flex
Mazia | Atychiphobia!
Sam McPherson | Powerlines EP
Vadim Mechona | סוף עונה
Jake Meginsky | Trinities
Natalie Merchant | Keep Your Courage
Mestizo | Mestizo
El Michels Affair & Black Thought | Glorious Game
Michl | Form Follows Function
Miesha &The Spanks | Unconditional Love In Hi-Fi
Jason Miles | Kind of New Live | Miles to Miles
Minor ‘Love | Minor ‘Love
Matt Mitchell | Oblong Aplomb
Mike Miz | Only Human
MMXX | The Next Wave
Mark Moldre | Nambucca Fables
Sukey Molloy | The Adventures of Little Stubby
Moonlight Parade | Here Comes Moonlight Parade
Giuliana Mormile | Slouch
MuN | Nhemis
Musicall Humors | John Dowland: [Complete] Lachrimæ
Mute Duo | Migrant Flocks
MyGo!!!!! | 音一会 Otoi-chie
Nashville Ambient Ensemble | Light and Space
Natural Information Society | Since Time Is Gravity
Jesy Nelson | Bad Thing Single
Neon Psychox | Neon Psychox Part 2
Nerver / Chat Pile | Brothers in Christ Split EP
New Hope Club | Just Don’t Know It Yet
New Wales | Big Same
Nico Niquo | Esperanto
Nite Bjuti | Nite Bjuti
NLE Choppa | Cottonwood 2
Nookie presents Binary State | The Dreadnaught EP
Not | Stop The World
Novoa / Kamaguchi / Cleaver Trio | Vol. 1
Declan O’Donovan | Amok
Dave Okumu & The 7 Generations | I Came From Love
Angel Olsen | Forever Means EP
Ervin Omsk | Schmalster Point
On Man | High Crystal
O.S.T.R. | Diaporama
Out Of The Mouth Of Graves | Shrines to Dagon
Overkill | Scorched
Ozmotic / Fennesz | Senzatempo
Pagination | Status
Paint Fumes | Real Romancer
Pale Blue | Together Alone Single
Pearly Drops | A Little Disaster
Thomas Charlie Pedersen | Employees Must Wash Hands
Pekodjinn | Dharba
Penny Rich | If Everyone’s An Expert
Pao Pestana | No Apagues La Luna
Petite Noir | MotherFather
Pet Shop Boys | Lost EP
Phish | Apr. 14, 2023 | Climate Pledge Arena, Seattle, WA
Phish | Apr. 15, 2023 | Climate Pledge Arena, Seattle, WA
Phoria | River Oblivion
Chico Pinheiro & Romero Lubambo | Two Brothers
Poison Ruïn | Härvest
Poison Ruïn | Poison Ruïn Reissue
Caroline Polachek | Desire, I Want To Turn Into You Vinyl
Pontillo & The Vintage Crew | For The Love Of Blues
The Postman Syndrome | Terraforming 20th Anniversary Edition
Pretty Girl | One Night, One Time EP
William Prince | Stand In The Joy
Prof | Horse
Anna Prohaska / Patricia Kopatchinskaja / Camerata Bern | Maria Mater Meretrix
Charlie Puth | That’s Not How This Works (Remix ft. Sabrina Carpenter) Single
Pynch | Howling At A Concrete Moon
Qeei | Luminious
Quatuor Bozzini / Konus Quartett | Continuité, Fragilité, Résonance
Éliane Radigue | Musique De Notre Temps (1976) Reissue
Nana Rashid | Music for Betty
Replica City | Last Rites
Dawn Richard | Bubblegum Single
Ritual Cloak | Vanished In Transition EP
John Robinson & Figub Brazlevic | Live Life And Tell Stories
Robocop Kraus | Smile
Romy | Enjoy Your Life
Sabiwa | No​.​16 – Memories of Future Landscapes
Derek Sanders | The Heavy Box EP
France Sauvage | Où Les Observer, Savoir Les Reconna​î​tre
Tre $avage | Natural Disasters EP
Science Man | Mince’s Cane
Screaming Bones | And It’ll All Be Good Reissue
Seafoam Green | Yesterday’s Wine EP
Seafret | Wonderland
Tim Sean-Lee | Aluminized Plastic
Erwan Sene | JUnQ
1782 | Clamor Luciferi
1782 | From The Graveyard Reissue
1782 | 1782 Reissue
Mike Shabb & Nicholas Craven | Shadow Moses
The Shits | You’re A Mess
Shygirl | Nymph_O
Siamese Elephants | Sunday Single
Ling Tosite Sigure | Last Aurorally
Siights | Somewhere Between Lost & Found EP
The Silent Comedy | Enemies Multiply
The Silent Comedy | I Am Alright
Emilie Simon | ES
Emilie Simon | Précommandez Le Rework Du Disque Aux Coccinelles Ici
Kristi Lane Sinclair | Super Blood Wolf Moon
Sir Hiss | Tavern on The Docks
Sleepingfeverdream | Music Vol. 1
Alex Smalley & Lucia Adam | Shapes
Lauren Spencer Smith | Fantasy (ft. Gayle & Em Beihold) Single
Softtub | Softtub EP
Sowell | Tower Camera
Neomi Speelma | After EP
Jimmy Split & Lunar | The Carhartt Casanova
Squid Pisser | My Tadpole Legion
Stalewhale | Delusional
Stegosaurus | (!!!)
Steiner & Madlaina | Risiko
DM Stith | Fata Morgana
Stranger Still | The Songs Which Are
The Successful Failures | Wrong Together
Suds | In The Undergrowth
Suki | Phonosynethesis EP
Dina Summer | Rimini Remixes
Sunburned Hand of the Man | Red & Shaggy
Sweet Dreams Nadine | Indigo
Brice Tabish Band | Living In A Number Game
The Tallest Man On Earth | Henry St.
Tangent | Presence Reverts to Absence
Telex | Telex Limited Edition Box Set
Temples | Exotico
Terry | Call Me Terry
Ther | A Horrid Whisper Echoes In A Palace Of Endless Joy
The 13th Floor Elevators | 13 of the Best of the 13th Floor Elevators
Watty Thompson | Watty Thompson
Mike Tod | Mike Tod
Mike Tramp | Songs Of White Lion
Penelope Trappes | Heavenly Spheres
Vasco Trilla / Ra Kalam Bob Moses | Singing Icons
Trip | Tahndi
TroyBoi | Say Less
25-ji, Nightcord De. | Lower /Tricologe
Two Year Vacation | Expedition Nowhere
Uh Huh | Uh Huh
Scott William Urquhart & Constant Follower | Even Days Dissolve
Mathew V | Anything Goes
Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons | Working Our Way Back to You: The Ultimate Collection
John Vanderslice | Crystals 3.0
Luurel Varas | Riddles For A Machine
Various Artists | Dead Bars: You Don’t Have to Be Cool Vol. 1
Various Artists | Eight Years Of Love Part 1
Various Artists | Happy Land: A Compendium of Alternative Electronic Music From the British Isles 1992-1996 Vol. 2
Various Artists | Harder & Heavier: ‘60s British Invasion Goes Metal
Various Artists | Nowadays Records: Club Nowadays, Vol. 2
Various Artists | Smalltown Supersound: Remix Anthology Vol. 1​-​4 2002​-​2022
Various Artists | Utopia or Oblivion
Vertonen | Einige Schadstoffe
VoidCeremony | Threads of Unknowing
Volruptus | Moxie
Stephen Wade | Hands On The Tune
Wakelee | Wakelee
Kelsey Waldon | No Regular Dog Deluxe Edition
Wallace | Ripples
Mike Ward | Love Never Rests
Jessie Ware | Begin Again
Watchmen | Silent Radar Super Deluxe Anniversary Edition
Waterparks | Intellectual Property
Patrick Watson | A Mermaid In Lisbon Vinyl Reissue
We’re Not Afraid Of The Dark | Glossolalia
Whadya Want? | Skippy Knows
Eric Whitacre & Voces8 | Home
Bella White | Among Other Things
Whyte Fang | Genesis
Xylouris White | The Forest In Me
Patrick Wolf | Night Safari EP
The Wood Brothers | Heart Is The Hero
Worries | Warm Blanket
Xqui | Beat Up
MC Yallah | Yallah Beibe
Ryogo Yamamori & Ivana | Contemplar Lo Natural
Lee Chae Yeon | Over the Moon
Kay Young | We Meet At Last
Neil Young & The Ducks | High Flyin’
Neil Young & The Santa Monica Flyers | Somewhere Under The Rainbow
Nicole Yun | Matter
Yung Bleu | Love Scars II
Zensei ゼンセ | Destination Heartbreak
Zombie Life Mon Coeur | Éclore Au Matin
Zsófia Boros | El Último Aliento
Zuco 103 | Telenova

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