Les Moontunes Reveal That You Are The Elephant Wizard

The Moncton weirdos unleash the majestically thundering title cut from their new LP.

Les Moontunes introduce you to the Elephant Wizard on their majestically thundering new stoner-rock single and animated video — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Their title track from the Moncton indie-rock septet’s forthcoming concept album, the thundering track is proof that things can get weird when you combine isolation and unemployment. During the thick of the pandemic, Les Moontunes’ frontman Miguel Dumaine had been laid off from work and his days began bleeding into one another, forming one long, blurry stretch of nothingness. So he dug deep into his imagination and met the Elephant Wizard.

But the story really began to take shape once the band did a residency in Sussex, N.B. By spending time among the inspirational hills and rivers, their imaginations flourished and the story of the mythical creature trumpeted to life. With this fuzz pedal-tinged single serving as a sneak peek, we soon discover that the Elephant Wizard is a badass who’s about to stomp into the future to fight off evil and find a better life for himself on Planet Metal.

Having been influenced by heavier music throughout their lives, the band aimed to paint the Elephant Wizard’s story with hard-hitting tones that pay homage to the sounds of some of their favourite bands of the ’60s and ’70s, while also infusing the record with the modern aesthetic they’ve displayed in previous work. This sophomore album also features the band’s two drummers, who are literally a driving force behind their unique sound. The rhythm section (drums, keys, and bass) were recorded live off the floor, which played a major role in the album’s more natural feel.

Producer Mike Trask’s use of analog tape for recording aligned with the tones the band were seeking for this record. In contrast to their debut album, where all the music was written prior to going into the studio, Elephant Wizard contains many sections that were written during the recording process, which adds an element of spontaneity that can be heard in the music.

Winners of the 2021 Music NB awards for Breakthrough Artist of the Year and Video of the Year for their single Paper Boat, Les Moontunes released their self-titled debut album in 2021. All seven bandmembers are Acadians. They are reinventing what an Acadian band sounds like, sharing their culture with the world through their electrifying art.

Watch the animated lyric video for Elephant Wizard above, hear more from Les Moontunes below, and get up to speed on their website, Facebook and Instagram.


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