Indie Roundup | 66 Tracks To Keep You Rocking All Weekend

Voivod, Zach Kibbee, J. Graves & dozens more new gems to put on your playlist.

Voivod fire up the lost machine, Zachary Kibbee goes for the gold, J. Graves has your number, The Flamingos Pink switch to automatic, Roddy Bottum and Hifiklub are risin’ up to the challenge of their rival and more in your typically vast and varied Friday Roundup. Scroll down to check out new goodies from Sinead, Straitjackets, Thelonious Monster and plenty more — including an inordinate amount of cover tunes, for some reason. Is it just me, or does the poetic justice taste especially sweet today?



1 | Voivod | The Lost Machine

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Canadian progressive sci-fi metal innovators Voivod return with a much-overdue new live release. Entitled Lost Machine – Live, the album was recorded in Québec City during the worldwide touring cycle for the band’s latest studio album The Wake and will be released on Nov. 27. Check out a first single/video for the track The Lost Machine now. Drummer Michel “Away” Langevin checked in with the following comment: “Here it is at last, the first single and video from our upcoming release Lost Machine – Live. The footage used in this clip comes from a hometown show in Montreal in the summer of 2019, and the audio is from a show in Québec City two weeks later, where we recorded the entire live album. We were obviously excited to play in our province of Québec , in front of families and friends, as documented in this rendition of the song The Lost Machine.”

2 | Zachary Kibbee | Somewhere To Put My Gold

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Los Angeles alt-rock artist Zachary Kibbee just dropped his energetic video for Somewhere To Put My Gold. Reminiscent of The Black Keys and Arctic Monkeys, Kibbee’s latest video is brimming with confident rockstar energy. The video is jam-packed with energy and swagger. Kibbee showcases rangy vocals that are paired with a forceful, contemporary bluesy rock beat. This track is sure to deliver a pep in your step.”

3 | J. Graves | 331

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:J. Graves has released a new EP and live video of the latest single. The video is shot at Destination: Universe!, a recording studio and science fiction library in Portland, Oregon. J. Graves is passionate dance-punk. Tense relationship rock, sanguine lyricism, guitar music, chord changes that sound like secret longing, a rhythm section that thuds, skitters, and melts over the determined voice of Jessa Graves. The heat of the cataclysm gives off a vapor known to galvanize meatspace into writhing, dancing heaps, creating rabid, loyal fans.”

4 | The Flamingos Pink | Life’s Automatic

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Following last month’s release of their new single Morning Light, Montreal rock ’n’ roll duo The Flamingos PinkSacha Gubany (guitar/vocals) and Julien Corrado (drums/percussion) — return with new track Life’s Automatic. An anthem of self-reliance and dependability, Life’s Automatic is the second release from the band’s upcoming sophomore album Outtacontroller, out Oct. 23. “Life’s Automatic is about taking matters into your own hands. Dwelling on the past won’t get you very far,” the duo shares. “Life’s automatic, it won’t wait for anybody. You step out the door and you take control. Your actions, your words, you choose them. Complacency is the death of purpose. It’s heavy and real. If you don’t fight for yourself who will?”

5 | Roddy Bottum + Hifiklub | Eye of the Tiger

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “French experimental rock trio Hifiklub and Faith No More keyboardist Roddy Bottum have collaborated for a dreamy, trance-like, unanticipated spoken word-filled album. Titled Things That Were Lost in the Fire, it will be out on Oct. 16. They all met by chance in New York City when the versatile trio from Toulon was working on its album and film In Doubt, Shadow Him! alongside Lee Ranaldo (Sonic Youth). After a handful of rehearsals, Hifiklub poured their impulsive desire to create the rhythmic and melodic foundations of nine original songs, plus a unique cover of Eye of the Tiger (Survivor). In a single-day session, they recorded these instrumental compositions in the basement of an old, dingy nightclub.”

6 | Speelburg | Gwyneth (Get Up!)

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Speelburg has released his debut studio album Porsche. An expansive collection at the intersection of pop art and pop music, it showcases the buzzworthy artist’s unique blend of crisp, funky electro-pop beats, indie rock influences, witty lyrics and infectious hook-heavy choruses to create the musical child of Beck, Vampire Weekend and Paul Simon. Coinciding with the album’s release, Speelburg has dropped the official music video for his song Gwyneth (Get Up!). The funky and playful track, named for Paltrow herself, encapsulates the frivolous and feel-good vibe that is everpresent on Porsche.”


7 | Dennis Davison | Shadow On A Tall Tree

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Out Oct. 9, Dennis Davison’s first solo album is brimming with highly personal and sonically surprising songs. All of the musical instruments on The Book of Strongman were played by Davison. The instrumental template for the album is as adventurous as the songs themselves. Mellotron, Monotron, Rhythm Ace, Blipblox and an assortment of analog synths enhance the atmospheric mood, complementing the bass, drums and guitars. Months of listening to Robin’s Reign and Faust surely helped guide the album in this unique direction. Maybe you can hear their influence in the preview track Shadow On A Tall Tree.”

8 | Ascension Of The Watchers | The End Is Always The Beginning

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Industrial gothic rock outfit Ascension Of The Watchers — vocalist Burton C. Bell, John Bechdel and Jayce Lewis — have launched a video for their new single The End Is Always The Beginning. The track comes by way of the band’s upcoming full-length Apocrypha, set for release Oct. 9. Comments Bell, “Now, more than ever, my words are a true reflection of my mind. The End Is Always The Beginning is a true statement, in every aspect of life, it all depends on the individual perspective. The video was created by Victor Hugo-Borges and is another surreal snippet into Ascension Of The Watchers. The meaning is unique for every listener and viewer. There is no incorrect analysis. Take what you will from it. For me, this is the beginning of a whole new chapter, and this song validates my personal strength to truly understand what it means to move forward.”

9 | The Zolas | I Feel The Transition

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:The Zolas share their latest single I Feel the Transition. Says The Zolas’ Zach Gray: “We’ve got a whole generation coming of age and immediately noticing that the politicians in power now don’t have the spine to make real moves on climate change or wealth disparity or [name an issue]. None of us have a silver bullet but the system clearly needs flipping and as this generation starts flexing their influence you can feel so many little waves building into one big one to make the transition. It’s 2020 The Times They Are A-Changin’ with better vocals or A Change Is Gonna Come with way worse. :)”

10 | Tejon Street Corner Thieves | Never Meant To Be

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Colorado Springs outlaw blues and trash-grass pioneers Tejon Street Corner Thieves have returned their third acoustic video for Never Meant To Be. The song is the latest release from their upcoming acoustic album Monarch Sessions, set for Oct. 18. For Tejon Street Corner Thieves, Monarch Sessions presents an astonishing metamorphosis as the songs that were once rooted in darkness transform into their acoustic essence to highlight the emotional depth and find the light. Monarch Sessions sees the band stripped back down to its essential elements: Connor O’Neal strumming on banjo and Shawn D’Amario playing acoustic guitar.”

11 | Communic | My Temple Of Pride

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Norway’s prog metal masters Communic release new video & single My Temple Of Pride. This is the first track taken from their sixth album Hiding From The World, which will be released on Nov. 20. Take a deep breath and immerse yourself in the musical vision of the Norwegian prog metallers!”

12 | Black Market Brass | Omega (Demo)

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Black Market Brass are a Minneapolis group performing their own brand of originally composed Afrobeat/Afrofunk music, as well as completing authentic renditions of the classic 1970’s West African sound. Taking their cues from the godfathers, the band draw on complex polyrhythmic percussion, driving bass lines, dizzying guitar interplay, rolling keyboards, and room-commanding brass. The result? An eclectic blend of cool deep funk and driving Afrobeat grooves that will lure you to the dance floor and never let you leave.”

13 | This Modern | Next Time Around

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Phoenix alt-rockers This Modern have just released their new single Next Time Around. Vocalist Marcus Reardon says, “The lyrics are designed to be more sad and reflective, while the instrumental is there to uplift you and make you move- it’s a style of writing that we’ve worked a long time to nail down. The goal was to create something anthemic, but beautiful.”

14+15 | Odario | Hot Hot Heat + Peace

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Beloved Guyanese-born, Winnipeg-raised, and Toronto-based artist Odario releases a new single titled Peace, featuring Winnipeg emcee Len Bowen and Vancouver vocalist Dawn Pemberton. He also premiered the official video for Hot Hot Heat, which Odario describes as “more hot sauce on an already spicy track. The lively atmosphere and vibrant colors are a celebration of black culture, through poetic expression and dance.” Both singles are from his new EP Good Morning Hunter, which will be released on Oct. 23. About Peace, Odario shares: “Just prior to writing, I was in search of downloadable songs that could calm my tampered nerves. I wanted to inject a sense of hope and positivity into my life during such heavy times. And it was that moment I decided to write my own version of what I was searching for. What I wanted to hear.”

16 | Leah Barley | Mountains

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “On her first album Bring Out Your Dead, Vancouver singer/songwriter Leah Barley offers eight stirring original songs that evoke both the jubilation and heartbreak inherent to classic folk and country music. An accomplished banjo player as well as guitarist, Barley is joined on the album by a full band featuring longtime collaborators violist John Kastelic and multi-instrumentalist Ross Christopher Fairbairn to create a sound as affecting today as it was a century ago. Bring Out Your Dead will be available Oct. 23. The single Mountains is out today, accompanied by a video made from colour home movies of Barley’s grandparents’ B.C. honeymoon in 1942. A stunning must-watch.”

17 | Sinead O’Connor | Trouble of The World

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Sinéad O’Connor marks her long-awaited return with a stunning interpretation of Trouble Of The World, a traditional song made famous by exalted gospel singer Mahalia Jackson. Sympathetic to its origins, the heartfelt, evocative tones propel this impassioned rendition to the present, its poignancy highlighted by a remarkable artist who leaves her own indelible mark on this topical realization, whilst realigning with a positive viewpoint. In her own words, she explains; “for me the song isn’t about death or dying. More akin, a message of certainty that the human race is on a journey toward making this world paradise and that we will get there.”

18 | Social Club Misfits | Is That Okay?

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Coming off the success of their last full-length album MOOD //DOOM, Social Club Misfits are gearing up to release their album Feared By Hell. Due out on Oct. 30, it includes key features from Jay Kalyl, Jeremy Camp, 1k Phew, Riley Clemmons, Ty Brasel, Blanca and more. The guys just released a new track from the album, God On My Side. “This song is just about being yourself and not apologizing for that. I believe that our trust and our belief in Jesus Christ allows us to be who he’s created us to be and not what everyone wants us to be,” says Marty. “It takes a lot of strength to say I just want to be myself. I hope this song encourages you.”

19 | Gaspard Eden | Automatic Dreams

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Gaspard Eden unveils a mysterious music video, for his latest single Automatic Dreams, inspired by one of his lucid dreams. Automatic Dreams is taken from Eden’s forthcoming album Soft Power, to be released this fall. For the video, Gaspard Eden takes us on a car journey out of his control. Standing still in many common but somehow surreal locations, Eden appears to be a numb participant in the always rich but sometimes menacing sets he is put in. The journey, suggested by the consistency of his soft drums, gets somber with Eden’s thoughtful lyrics: “I’m controlling nothing/Don’t know what it really means/All these automatic dreams.”

20 | T-Rex Marathon | Sheltered

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:T-Rex Marathon is bringing energetic, authentic pop-punk and post-hardcore to the world from their hometown of Ottawa. The single Sheltered is a fine blend of interesting melodies, driving rhythms, poetic lyrics, catchy chorus, with a little bit of fun sprinkled throughout. If there was one song that would be the quintessential T-Rex Marathon piece, here it is. The band expands on it in their own words: “Musically, the song is not complex, and yet it does exactly what it needs to do at any given point. It’s a perfect example of restraint and tastefulness and the whole band working in service of a larger musical idea. It’s beautiful, it’s charming, and it’s heavy when it needs to be. It’s also a demonstration of a wide dynamic range that conveys a wide array of emotions.”

21 | Brian Lisik | Looking for You

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Over the course of five albums filled with guitar-driven power pop and pensive neo-folk, Brian Lisik fans have continually called for an all-acoustic album from the consummate rocker. With Gudbye Stoopid Whirled, Lisik and his longtime songwriting partner Steve Norgrove finally oblige. Sort of. The 10-song collection boasts a decidedly early-rockabilly/60s garage punk/Stax soul vibe throughout. Lisik has tiptoed into such compositional waters on past efforts. Here, he cannonballs from the high dive, all while avoiding the corny pantomime of many of today’s mainstream “roots” artists. The result is an altogether fresh and unique sound.”

22 | Fivio Foreign | Bop It (ft. Polo G)

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Fivio Foreign has spent the last year solidifying his space in hip-hop. Today he returns with the first single, Bop It, from his upcoming debut album B.I.B.L.E. Says Fivio: “I kept seeing this viral meme of me, they was saying I rap like a ‘bop it’, had my face on it too. I was in the studio and Kenny Beats was like ‘I’m gonna give you a beat like that.’ Polo got on it and we turned lemons into lemonade.”

23 | Groovenom | Du Bist Es Wert

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “The heaviest love songs of all times” — this is how Groovenom describe their new album and hits the bull’s eye. Driving guitars, furious drumming, and angry screaming shouts dominate the album. But also expressive solos, melancholic lyrics, and emotional clear vocals make their mark on the album. Mitten ins Herz is an epic, modern metal album with influences from Core and carries the roots of the band into a modern era by introducing fresh influences. An absolutely unembellished reckoning of the dream of true love and at the same time unconditional desire for it. The lyrics sway between furious rage and yearning grief. There have never been songs about love and passion performed in such a wicked way before!”

24 | Terra Lightfoot | Love You So

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “On the heels of her recent announcement of a new studio album, nearly three years since the release of her critically acclaimed album New Mistakes, soulful rocker Terra Lightfoot shares the new single and video for Love You So, off the upcoming studio album Consider the Speed. Recorded in Memphis at legendary Royal Studios, the single sees Lightfoot supported by drummer Steve Potts, bassist Davy Smith and keyboardist Lester Snell — and was produced by Jay Newland and engineered by Lawrence “Boo” Mitchell. “Of all the songs on Consider the Speed, this was the only track I wrote on piano,” says Lightfoot. “I was just messing around one afternoon in my rehearsal spot last summer and this song just sort of fell out almost complete. I decided not to mess with it too much, or overthink it, and let it be what it is: a love song … albeit with a bad-ass, one-note guitar solo.”

25 | Good Kid | Down With The King

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Good Kid is releasing a new single and video for Down With The King. The Toronto pack of rambunctious nerds explain: “Down With The King is a song about working together to get through the toughest parts of …. our favorite Super Nintendo game Donkey Kong! It’s about those moments in life, we’ve all experienced them, when you’re just stuck, stuck on that damn King K. Rool level in Donkey Kong and have to ask your friends to help you out. We tried to draw parallels to life and working with your friends to get through the tough spots … but no … we just love Donkey Kong!

26 | Nicha | Little Bird

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Following on from her debut release Devices, Nicha (aka Lucy Robinson) is releasing her new single Little Bird. The song is a call to those who are subject to mental and physical abuse in any relationship. Nicha hopes to let her listeners know that you have the strength to make yourself happy, let that be through making a difficult decision in escaping a toxic relationship. “I feel there is a taboo around talking about domestic abuse, mental and physical. Women are suffering, men are suffering, there are so many victims even in this day and age. We need to raise awareness and remind people to talk more.”

27 | Chris DeMakes + Devon Kay & the Solutions | Big

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “After dropping a surprise album just over a month ago, Devon Kay & the Solutions are back with some new music. Kay set out to cover a song by Less Than Jake for the second instalment of their Achilles Feels compilation but then something magical happened! Chris DeMakes, guitarist/vocalist of Less Than Jake, just happened to reach out to Devon to check in on him during the pandemic. The conversation ended with Chris politely stating “If ya ever wanna work on something together, let me know!” Fast forward a few weeks and the result is Devon Kay & the Solutions covering Big by Less Than Jake — with Chris DeMakes on vocals!”

28 | Necrophobic | Devil’s Spawn Attack (ft. Schmier)

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “The release of Devil’s Spawn Attack marks the third and last single release before Swedish blackened death metal legends Necrophobic drop their already critically acclaimed new album Dawn of the Damned on Oct. 9. Necrophobic comment: “On our upcoming album we have got a very special guest appearance by Schmier of Destruction. Earlier this year when we were working on the album, we felt that one of the songs would fit this legend just about perfectly and we are grateful he accepted our invitation! He made a fantastic contribution on our song Devil’s Spawn Attack and here you can see and hear the result in a video of our collaboration.”

29+30 | Ghøstkid | This Is Nøt Høllywøød

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Ghøstkid is the new namesake of Sebastian “Sushi” Biesler (formerly Eskimo Callboy) and a conspiracy of friends and likeminded allies who have come to a riot of their own. Today marks a very special release — in fact, it is two releases of This Is Nøt Høllywøød that tell a universal story from two perspectives. Ghøstkid comments: “You have money, you have fame, you have power but… This Is Nøt Høllywøød. Life is not a show and when all of this is gone you’re just like everybody else. You can get hurt and lose yourself just like everybody else. This Is Nøt Høllywøød is an unmasking that shows the ugly side of show business. To be an artist, sometimes means to deal with a lot of problems. You have it all but maybe you’ll have nothing in the end.”

31 | Sex Machine Octopus | Tails

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “A year after their first LP Plastic Scenes, alt-rockers Sex Machine Octopus are back with the new single Tails, a mix between Arcade Fire, Local Natives & Ellevator. Fully embracing their style of frenetic alternative rock and with the help and direction of Juno-winning producer Nicolas Roberge, they now propose a single with pop influences. This single combines SMO’s punchy and dancy signature with a touch that’s a little more electro and fresh. The music video that supports this single was shot and directed by Louis Rivest-Hénault. His goal was to express the anxiety of the song by focusing the whole video around the singer as he runs through weird and stressful situations.”

32 | Jane Handcock | FYE

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Fa Real is the new project from emerging Oakland singer-songwriter Jane Handcock, which she releases alongside her music video for FYE. Comprised of eight tracks from the multifaceted artist, Fa Real demonstrates why the buzzing songstress captured the attention of renowned creative Raphael Saadiq. Writing for the likes of music heavyweights Kelly Rowland and Rick Ross, as well as having her music feature on hit HBO show Insecure, all eyes are on the burgeoning R&B talent as she continues her admirable journey in today’s scene.”

33 | Justin Jesso | Too Good To Lose

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “With a commanding vocal and hook-filled songs destined for the biggest stages, Justin Jesso is continuing to attract new waves of fans to his emotional soul-pop bangers. Justin now follows his recent track Too Good To Lose by sharing its official video. The video opens in a dimly lit workshop, where Justin is busy crafting some unorthodox masks. “We all hide behind these versions of ourselves … and the only way to be the best person you can be, and consequently the best person you can be for someone else is to be yourself.”

34 | SpaceAcre | Overthrown

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Alt-pop duo SpaceAcre release their debut EP Overthrown, a powerful, sometimes haunting and often beautiful 5-track offering weaving audio and visual elements to create a wholly immersive experience. The band say: “Overthrown is the final track we wrote for the EP and it started from a bass riff. When we were writing the song, there was a really cool moment where we spontaneously sang two interlocking melody lines at exactly the same time, which then became the chorus. We still don’t know which of the two parts is the lead line. The song is about narcissistic personalities. We all know at least one person who’s completely out for themselves, and sometimes, if you are too close to them, you don’t realise how much they are taking from you until you’ve got nothing left to give.”

35 | Oz | Foot Down

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Recent singles have established Oz as a beguiling alt-pop talent. Oz’s music, like its creator is headstrong, provocative, fierce and never anything less than honest. As Oz builds towards the release of her debut EP Jupiter, she strives confidently forward by sharing her new single Foot Down. “I think I’ve always been one of those people who reacts to the word No. when someone says “no you aren’t good enough” or “no you can’t”, explains Oz. “I immediately make it my mission to prove them wrong. Foot Down is about lighting that fire in yourself and going after what you want no matter what anyone says. I’ve had an interesting journey in my musical life and I’m in a place now where I feel ready for anything and foot down is my musical expression of that feeling.”

36 | Fxrrvst | Here’s The Key, Don’t Lose It

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Although 2020 has been anything but a typical year for most citizens of the world, Toronto indie-rock duo Fxrrvst chose to use the atypical circumstances to their advantage. As the world was stocking up on necessities and locking down early part in the year, the band issued Dear Friend; Part 1. They return in November with Dear Friend; Part 2, a new EP that serves to both continue the path laid out on Part 1 while also pushing the duo into new territory. The first single Here’s The Key, Don’t Lose It is subtly optimistic, notable not only for its choice of a refrain instead of a chorus, but also the clever, confessional wordplay Forrest employs throughout the song.”

37 | Death Valley Girls | Hypnagogia

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “While studies have been conducted aiming to understand the science behind music, our inexplicable ability to tap into the emotions of another human being by way of arrangements of sonic frequencies still seems a bit like magic. L.A.’s Death Valley Girls have always sought to wield that magic like ancient mystics, creating psychic bonds with willing ears through the medium of their fiery rock n’ roll. With their latest album Under the Spell of Joy and songs like Hypnagogia, the band dives even deeper into that magical cosmic energy.”

38 | Miss FD & Vulture Culture | Faster Than Light

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Miss FD teams again with Vulture Culture on new song Faster Than Light. Their newest collaboration takes them to different territory. Miss FD goes into detail: “We were inspired to try something a bit different for Faster Than Light. We have wanted to collaborate and experiment within a different genre, and as we worked on the song we started to develop a heavy EDM sound for it. Once we finished it, we knew it fit the idea of Faster Than Light perfectly.”

39 | Taurie | Aesthetics

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Taurie is a multi-faceted, multi-talented star in the making. She embodies the diverse beauty and traditions of her Nigerian Native American heritage which also enrich and influence her music which encompasses many genres including pop, R&B, Hip-Hop and more. Her new single Aesthetics was inspired by a lovely evening when driving home. She was enjoying the rays of the most beautiful and breath-taking sunset: “I heard a beat that inspired me to write the Aesthetics lyrics to it. It brought me to a compilation of beautiful things around me and the appreciation of them. I then decided to make it a feel-good summer song.”

40 | Vulnere | Course Of The Sirens

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Vulnere recently announced their debut LP Igneous; today they offer a new single and lyric video for Course Of The Sirens. The early stages of writing that would become Vulnere begin in 2017 with drummer Cody Pulliam and guitarist Mike Ashton. The goal was to create death metal with the aggression and complexity inspired by countless brutal death metal and technical grind releases of the mid 2000’s/early 2010’s. Vocal duties were soon filled by Mark Smith, and shows commenced as a three piece, offering something unique and crushingly heavy. By the end of 2018 the bones of the full length, Igneous, were finished and by mid 2019, they entered the studio to begin tracking. Vulnere is a unique, fast and technical band unlike anything else, but if it’s one thing, it’s death metal.”

41 | Flara K | For A Minute

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Montreal Pop/R&B duo Flara K release their new EP Anxious, Irrational, Fashionable. The album is a collection of new songs co-produced with Lucas Liberatore, and features the new single For A Minute. The duo, comprised of Sam Martel and Collin Steinz, share: “Anxious, Irrational, Fashionable came into being in such a natural way for us, it just felt meant to be. The EP is a reflection of our struggle with anxiety and our continuous support of one another to not let it come between the people we want to be and things we want to accomplish.”

42 | T. Thomason | Bliss Part II (ft. Sarah McLachlan)

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:T. Thomason releases Bliss Part II featuring Grammy-winning artist Sarah McLachlan. Born in England and raised in Canada, T. wrote the original song following his first solo trip to the U.K. in 2013. “I’d been struggling with a lot of big questions, uncertainty, and anxiety, classic early 20s things, you know?” shares T. “On that trip, I met family and family friends for the first time as an adult, and upon returning home felt like I’d gained some perspective on where I might be going based on where I came from. That’s when Bliss came to be.”

43 | Final Coil | Empty Handed

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Final Coil take one last look back over their collective shoulder to the album The World We Left Behind For Others, as a new lyric video for the song Empty Handed premieres. Band frontman Phil Stiles explains: “Told in flashback from the point of view of an elderly woman upon her deathbed, the album is related via snapshots of her life. The songs detail a turbulent relationship with a husband altered beyond recognition by the horrors of the Second World War; his descent into alcoholism and his sense of isolation as the society, in whose name he fought, embraced an internationalism he could not understand. In Empty Handed their relationship broken, she is shunned by a conservative society for abandoning a perceived hero, and left to fend for herself. “

44 | Chairmen Of The Boards | Run-A-Wave

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Toronto surf rockers Chairmen Of The Boards offer another preview of their debut album Surfin’ The Apocalypse with the track Run-A-Wave. The band has also produced their first video to accompany the song, a tribute to Del Shannon’s immortal Runaway. Surfin’ The Apocalypse is out Nov. 27.”

45 | Jason Dea West | I’ll Be Here In The Morning (ft. Benjamin Tod)

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Anti-Corporate Music presents the second title in their new singer/songwriter-themed series The Magnolia Sessions: American bluegrass/country/folk artist Jason Dea West singing I’ll Be Here In The Morning, a cover of the iconic Townes Van Zandt, which features guest Benjamin Tod of the Lost Dog Street Band. Offers Jason: “Recording my Magnolia Session with Dan Emery was real pleasure! We put together a good, honest, live-as-it-gets type of recording; no studio trickery or effects, just a few microphones and a handful of new songs I hadn’t yet recorded. It is among my favorite recordings to date.”

46 | The Elwins | Hung Up

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:The Elwins are sharing another new track from their upcoming fourth LP, aptly titled IV, out Oct. 23. Hung Up is “an older song that we revisited,” says Francesco Figliomeni. “To me the song is less about actually feeling hung up on a specific person but more so that headspace you can get in when you feel that kind of hopeless infatuation. “will I ever come down” feeling like there’s no end or moving past it.”

47 | Neal Francis | Changes (Demo)

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Here’s where it started: The initial demos that eventually became Neal Francis’ debut album Changes, which has since received critical acclaim. Neal has toured the country headlining and supporting acts such as Black Pumas, Cat Power, and The Revivalists. As he prepares for his sophomore LP, we get to peek into the initial sketches at the onset of his career as a singer and songwriter.”

48 | Dave Hause & Lilly Hiatt | Doublewhiskeycokenoice

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Philly-bred singer-songwriter Dave Hause is pleased to present Doublewhiskeycokenoice, the latest track to be lifted from the Oct. 23 release of his two new EPs, Patty and Paddy. Featuring songwriter Lilly Hiatt, Doublewhiskeycokenoice is a punk staple written by Dillinger Four, reworked into a delicate piano-laden offering with Hiatt offering a beautiful and haunting vocal. “Paddy Costello’s songs always felt like working class anthems, but not in a cheesy, celebratory way, more of a lament of what it actually feels like to work your ass off day in, day out, and still not quite have enough,” Hause says. “When I recorded this version of Doublewhiskeycokenoice, I wanted to get that feeling of someone plunking around on a piano in a bar late at night when most people have gone home. I don’t hang around bars anymore, and neither does my friend Lilly Hiatt, but we’ve both spent our fair share of time in them. So here it is … two sober people singing about drinking a few of your problems away.”

49 | 3LH | Don’t Wanna Hold Your Hand

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:3LH, the 60’s surf/garage-inspired four-piece, have been taking Orange County and neighboring areas by storm the last few years, quickly building a committed fan base. The band will release a new single in October titled Here’s Johnny, to preview their debut LP in early March 2021. In the meantime, get familiar with 3LH by checking out their latest single Don’t Wanna Hold Your Hand.”

50 | Sevyn Streeter | Kissez

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Renowned singer/songwriter ​Sevyn Streeter ​treats fans to her new sultry single ​Kissez feat. Davido​. ​The Afrobeat-propelled track, produced by ​BongoByTheWay, finds Sevyn and Davido pouring out their intimate feelings. ​​In November, Sevyn will release her sophomore album ​Drunken Wordz x Sober Thoughtz, which will include an all-star lineup of features. ​The album follows Sevyn’s critically acclaimed debut ​Girl Disrupted ​ (2017), which showcased her soulful vocals and powerful songwriting.”

51 | Nitcholas | Next Life

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Indie-pop artist Nitcholas has dropped a new single titled Next Life. The product of Nashville local Nick Taylor working with Memphis producer Calvin Lauber (Julien Baker, Bogues), Nitcholas is a dreamy lo-fi escape to a better place. Bringing elements from multiple different genres from doo-wop to r&b, and even some from their emo revival past lives, the two bring a uniqueness to the already diverse bedroom pop scene. “Next Life questions where people go when they leave, and whether or not you will see them again someday. The line ‘Meet me in the next life, I’ll wait for you,’ could mean many different things, and in a sense is left up to interpretation. So give it a listen, and find your own meaning in it.”

52 | Barbudo | Magnolia Mansion

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Barbudo deliver pop-funk with polished musicianship and pizzazz from their studio in the south of England. Their latest single Magnolia Mansion has the expanse of an immediate disco hit. A byproduct of experimenting with an old tape machine, the track emits a smooth, sultry sound, whilst packing a punch through its move-inducing baseline groove. Magnolia Mansion encapsulates the feeling that comes late spring/early summer where everything starts to warm up and there’s a certain feeling in the air which makes you relax and have a good time. The brothers explain, “Magnolia Mansion is in itself an ideal — a place in the ether, that we all can transport to when the sun is beaming down but at the same time encourages us to think about change within and without, linking escapism and personal discovery.”

53 | DFMK | Mal Presentimiento

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Tijuana punks DFMK have released the first single off their upcoming 15-track self-titled album, which was produced by Tyson “Chicken” AnniCharico of Dead To Me and will be released on Oct. 9. DFMK is a dirty, fast, rock ’n’ roll band that started in 2010; influenced by American hardcore, surf music, classic garage, punk rock bands like The Stooges, MC5, The Ramones and Argentinian punk bands like 2 Minutos, Flema and Fun People. The band sings about existentialism, nihilism, drug abuse and stories about living in the most dangerous city (according to the U.S. government), dive bars, long nights, hangovers, broken hearts. It’s what sets the mood for a strong live act, guided by melodic vocals, a straight forward backbeat and shredding guitar riffs.”

54 | Mall Daze | Ten Favorites

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Darkwave duo Mall Daze have released their debut single Ten Favorites. With guitar riffs and melodies reminiscent of 80s bands like The Cure, New Order and Joy Division, the duo create a sound that is nostalgic but with a modern touch. Ten Favorites is the first single off of Mall Daze’s debut album Ash House, out Oct. 16. “I guess this bass line felt cool and the song just fell together and almost started playing itself,” vocalist and guitarist Tyrell Tompkins explained. “I harken back to leaving my girlfriend’s (now my wife) house as a teen and daydreaming about a future with cool friends and nothing but this soundtrack to your life pocket of (ten favorite) songs that are only right at a perfect time of a late dusk sort of evening.”

55 | Carmanah | Bang Bang

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Carmanah is crafting a musical niche of their very own, a vintage blend of the intuitive and the technical; a blend that lies somewhere among roots, rock and blues — all seamlessly woven together by Laura Mina Mitic’s soulfully luminous vocals. The new full-length Iris is a natural evolution and a moody counterpoint to their debut — a heartfelt offering, a tapestry of thoughtful stories for our time. Carmanah’s latest single Bang Bang hangs on to the classically eerie, heartbreak vibes of Nancy Sinatra’s version but adds a little more instrumentation and turns up the badass.”

56 | Amberlake | Gold Dust (ft. Emma)

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Fast-rising producer Amberlake (Nick Tsang) releases Gold Dust featuring Emma, a tantalisingly, breezy chill-pop gem, exploring the more melodic side of the pop spectrum with themes of infatuation and nostalgia, offering us the prefect respite we all need right now. Nick says: ‘After many years, I recently re-watched one of my favourite teen movies, American Pie. This movie reminded me of the feelings I had for my first girlfriend while we attended our first prom dance together. Both of us were terrible dancers but we didn’t care. We had the most amazing time swinging around each other all night and the falling of confetti at the end led to the inspiration of Gold Dust.”

57 | Zacarias | Why Did You?

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Calgary neo-soul singer-songwriter and producer Zacarias is releasing the track Why Did You?, a moody ballad about trying to put the pieces of a broken relationship back together. Unafraid to show his vulnerability on his sleeves, Zacarias’ downtrodden refrains and the track’s meditative pace work like the slow, circling thoughts of heartbreak. “All of my songs deal with relationships and human interaction,” said Zacarias. “By sharing my own experiences of love and loss, I hope to give people moments to reflect on, feelings to go back to, and maybe inspire some sort of positive change in their lives.”

58 | Thelonious Monster | Buy Another Gun

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Sixteen years after the release of their last album, Thelonious Monster are back with new music. The Los Angeles-based rock band will release Oh The Monster on Nov. 3. Today they present Buy Another Gun, the first single to be lifted from the forthcoming release. Bob Forrest explains, “How do we keep our kids safe from this hateful murderous madness that American schools have become. Arm our teachers? Bulletproof backpacks? The insanity of the conversations parents are having is unfathomable. But that’s what parents in America are talking about! The song shares the hate and the hope I feel about the safety for my children. For myself. And for what I believe is the beginning of a fallen empire.”

59 | Denzel Curry | Live From The Abyss

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Denzel Curry returns to share a new song. Live From the Abyss is an unforgiving track, a declaration of intent that finds the rapper surveying the oppressive political climate of the United States in 2020. Live From The Abyss is Denzel Curry’s first release since February’s collaborative album with producer Kenny Beats, Unlocked.

60 | Maybe Babs | Doorstep

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “A few years back, I started to piece together memories of turning up on friends’ doorsteps, confused because what I thought was one thing, was actually another,” said songwriter Babette Hayward. “The realization was that I’d wasted my time pining after people that never wanted me back.” After moving from Atlantic Canada to the U.K., Hayward had “moved on from then and put an ocean in between.” Still, her inventory of those doorstep moments continuted to gather. “If you’ve spent any time in East London, you may have heard of the lido, perhaps even been there before,” said Hayward. “For me, it was a place of reflection where I could mindlessly swim laps and remember the unwanted objects I’d left on doorsteps.” Now calling Montreal home, Maybe Babs releases Doorstep.

61 | Los Straitjackets | Bus Stop

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “The wrestling mask-wearing, guitar-wielding surf rockers Los Straitjackets have returned to cover the classic rock Bus Stop, made famous by The Hollies and composed by future 10cc member Graham Gouldman. While the song retains its jangly guitar goodness, Los Straitjackets give it a surf-rock vibe that immediately transports you to the beaches of the ’60s.”

62 | The Rain Within | Hungry Like the Wolf

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Meant to be a surprise for fans, The Rain Within have released their cover of Duran Duran’s mega hit Hungry Like the Wolf. Adding his own spin by giving it a ballad like feeling, founder Andy Deane explains why he choose to cover the iconic song: “I was a kid in the ’80s, and Duran Duran captured my imagination and my sense of wonder like few others. They played with melodies I hadn’t heard before and took songs places I didn’t expect them to go. And they looked great doing it.”

63 | Lucent & Buggsy | Originate

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Liverpudlian producer Lucent joins forces with legendary Bristolian MC Buggsy for a blistering cut. This inaugural effort features hard carnival-ready drums, lazer-cut bleeps, floor-shaking bass and a touch of early-rave nostalgia courtesy of a signature vocal sample from The Ratpack’s MC Everson Allen. As is standard, an MC vocal takes centre stage — and Lucent goes high, drafting in legendary Bristol MC Buggsy.”

64 | Kurt Baker | I Like Her A Lot

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Kurt Baker is giving fans another taste of his upcoming solo album After Party, set for release on Oct. 23. Of I Like Her A Lot, Kurt says, “A lot of the topics on this record came out of conversations I would have with my co-writer and producer Wyatt Funderburk. I’m sure I said, ‘I like her a lot’ in passing and then was like, ‘Wait … it’s so simple, but why not make that the title!’ I love the line ‘Monday night she goes down to Amigos, never afraid to get up and dance,’ mostly because of the Amigos name-drop. I’ve talked about this bar in Portland, Maine a lot, but the place really is an important spot in the making of After Party. They say it’s a Mexican restaurant but to be perfectly honest, I’ve never eaten the food there.”

65 | Beth Hirsch | Life Is Mine 2.0

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “American singer and songwriter Beth Hirsch returns with a new studio album, ‘Love Is For Everyone Life on Nov. 30. The upcoming album surveys 20 years-plus of studio adventures. In addition to her distinguished solo recordings, few artists have built such a reputation as the go-to guest on a wealth of sophisticated projects, with ‘Love Is For Everyone –Life the talented artist created a collection of the best of them all, through a series of bespoke mixes that bring Beth’s story right up to date.”

66 | Moy | At My Door

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “New Zealander-led Glasgow band Moy share their latest single At My Door. Say Moy: “At My Door was written about escapism, a chance encounter with someone significant who takes you to a new place, wanting to return and when you can’t, the reflection and understanding of the truth that is staring you right in the face. that you can’t go back. It was the first song we wrote this year with all of us in the same room, pre-Covid.”