Tinnitist TV | Episode 79: Eamon McGrath Live Session + Interview

The prolific singer-songwriter performs three songs from his new LP A Dizzying Lust.

Eamon McGrath is a long way from James Brown. But by anyone’s measure, he is easily the hardest-working man in Canadian indie music.

He releases albums by the handful. He tours constantly. He’s written a couple of books. And he does much of it single-handedly from his home base in Windsor. That’s where I caught up to him to talk about his latest release A Dizzying Lust — his eighth album of 2023 — a gorgeous acoustic album he wrote while touring Japan again last year. But like any dedicated multi-tasker, McGrath wasn’t content to just talk: He also set up a couple of cameras and mics and performed a trio of songs from the album: Hold Me Never Let Me Go, Sundown In Osaka and Fireworks. Sit back and enjoy — and keep your eyes peeled for his next album, which will probably be out by the time our interview ends. And if you’d rather skip our chit-chat and just watch him sing and play, the video below features all three songs back to back.