Aaron Wylder Has One Simple Request For Rock ’N’ Roll: Don’t Let Me Down

The Victoria folk-rocker expresses his love of music in his propulsive new single.


Aaron Wylder shares his unwavering faith in rock with his new single Don’t Let Me Down — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

The opening track to the Victoria singer-songwriter’s latest EP Adventure Songs, Don’t Let Me Down spotlights Wylder’s love and passion for music and the art of songwriting. The song kicks off with a poetic and acoustic melody that instantly puts you in an upbeat mood as the soothing sound of Wyler’s smoked voice guides you on a musical journey:

“I’m looking for the sun to shine
I’m looking for words to rhyme
Oh don’t let me down
Some days I feel like
Only way that I’ll survive
Is with a guitar in hand

“Cause I’m just a boy
From a sandy island
But I love rock ’n’ roll
And I sing from my soul
Oh baby don’t let me down now.”

“This song describes my animalistic passion and competitive drive to be a truly successful singer-songwriter,” says Wylder. “It is me saying, hey world, I may not be this or that, but this is who I am. This song is me presenting myself to the world and making a statement that I have arrived.”

The 25-year-old Canadian singer-songwriter’s EP Adventure Songs builds on his blend of indie folk and Americana. “I try to write what I hear in my head and what I feel in my chest,” says Wylder. “It’s a damn cool thing to write a song that you love and speaks to others as well. If I’m able to make music that I enjoy and people enjoy it too then I’ll die a happy man.”

Check out Don’t Let Me Down above, listen to Adventure Songs below, and follow Aaron Wylder on Instagram and Facebook.