MDMP Reveals His Kneeling Scars

The Hawaiian alt-rocker reflects on personal turmoil in his emotional new single.


MDMP displays his deep Kneeling Scars in his powerful new single and harrowing video — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

“I know you’ve been through a lot in your life, and I am honored to once again reunite this time through song,” says the enigmatic Hawaiian alt-rocker of his 10th single. “Always know you have friends out there, and some days can be struggles. Just always remember we all have a purpose on this earth, and our actions — as minuscule as they may seem — have lasting effects that you can’t imagine.”

The urgency and agony present in Kneeling Scars are not just evident in MDMP’s lyrics; his tone of voice is bound to tug on your heartstrings, whether you like it or not. This alluring poignancy is echoed further in the song’s instrumental elements too, as the listener is offered these clean and omnipresent chord progressions, which are accompanied by increasingly heavier drum and bass backing tracks to really bring it home. The same feelings are evoked in Kneeling Scars’ beguiling video, where the two mystery co-stars climb aboard a metaphorical rollercoaster of emotions together, before ultimately meeting their demise.

A native of Nānākuli, a western nook on the Hawaiian island of O’ahu — not exactly a hotbed of rock ’n’ roll — this aspiring musician creates music with the intent to grabbing the attention of curious listeners and telling them a story. “This is my attempt to capture your ear for just a moment in your life,” says Jeremey Meyer, the mastermind behind MDMP. “Music is a reflection of everything we have experienced in life.”

Watch Kneeling Scars above, hear more from MDMP below, and keep up with him on his website, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.