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Now Hear This: Dayglo Abortions | Upside Down World

You can always count on these Can-punk vets to tell it like it is — & how it should be.

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “I’m trying to not let the world overwhelm me right now,” says Dayglo Abortions singer-guitarist Murray (The Cretin) Acton. “There is so much polarization of opinions, so much pointless hatred, so much war, and most of all so much propaganda and lies from our governments and the NGO’s and corporations that own them that our future seems to be heading for either complete collapse or some kind of technocratic totalitarian dictatorship. Neither option is acceptable to me and it’s getting me down. So this four-song EP is (I hope) the last political commentary you will hear from me for a while. I am going to go back to making people laugh and try to pull my head out of all this darkness because realistically, the way things are going this could all just be one big psy-op designed to keep us all distracted.”