Midweek Mixtape | More Than 175 Songs To Keep You Sharp (Side 3)


I had so many errands and appointments and chores to get through today that I toyed with the idea of skipping this roundup. But since it was Wednesday, I suspected there would be a ton of new album announcements — that’s how it’s been going lately — and a slew of great new tunes to go with. I was not wrong — as you can see and hear from these 175-plus new singles, videos, cover tunes, remixes, unburied treasures, golden oldies and live performances (most of which you won’t find anywhere else). Your Tinnitist-approved tracks are tagged with a 🌵. Get the point?



1🌵 Gozu | Tom Cruise Control

2The Amity Affliction | It’s Hell Down Here

3Heavens Edge | What Could’ve Been

4Immortal Guardian | Roots Run Deep (ft. Ralf Scheepers)

5Predatory Void | Grovel

6Thy Catafalque | Néma Vermek

7Sirenia | Twist In My Sobriety

8Vomit Forth | Pain Tolerance

9Ignea | Dunes

10Frail | Come Back To Me

11Calligram | Ex-Sistere

12Enchantya | Collective Souls

13Vamachara | Anathema

14Of Virtue | Cannibals

15Ghostatic | Admit You’re Wrong

16Drott | Våkenatt

17Skindred | Set Fazers

18🌵 The Bollweevils | Liniment and Tonic

19The Crooked Whispers | Suicidal Castle

20Marty McKay | Innocent Offender

21To Kill Achilles | Rats

22Vamachara | Anathema

23🌵 Paul Gilbert | Man On The Silver Mountain

24🌵 Never Ending Game | Never Die (ft. Justice Tripp & Sam Trapkin)

25Knife Club | You’ll Hear My Voice

26Botanist | Epidendrum Nocturnum

27Midnight Guest | Seize the Doomsday

28Handcuff | Holiday