Quintessa Evangeline Is In The Zone

The Toronto singer-songwriter steps out in her latest single and video.


Quintessa Evangeline hits the sweet spot in her new single and video Zone — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

A catchy pop song with hip-hop elements, Zone opens with an easygoing chorus that finds the Toronto singer boasting about how centered she is and how she feels everything is going right for her. The song then transitions to the verse, where the singer continues to ooze confidence with a carefree attitude:

“Doing me and feeling lovely, its on
Vibe all day then go from dusk until dawn
See no haters poof like nothing they gone
Live my life in the above and beyond.”

Evangeline confirms that the song is about living life well to the fullest. “Zone is about being in the moment, in your element, in the flow — in the zone. It is about saying yes to life, life saying yes to you. Being in the sweet spot of NOW, presence, in which your gifts can be presented in love and shared with the world.”

The song’s upbeat lyrics are complemented with a hip-hop influenced production featuring light drum beats and a casual melody. “I came up with the chords and built upon it with a few melodies and some drums, then started writing,” Evangeline says. “I made the foundation by playing around on my keyboard in my living room, then took it to the studio and worked with my producer Jim Anderson to turn it into a completed song. It has an icy/crystal swag to it.”

Enhancing the song is a video that features Evangeline casually going with the flow as she ambles along the city streets. Her swagger matches the happy and serene mood of the song and encourages the viewer to feel the same. A singer, songwriter, rapper, and beatmaker, her career began with her 2019 mixtape Solace, which contained 17 songs that featured singles such as Gravity and Favorite Song. From 2020 to 2021, she released a slew of singles including Mosaic and Ooo Aww.

Watch the video for Zone above, hear more from Quintessa Evangeline below, and get in the zone at her website, Twitter and Instagram.