Weekend Mixtape | More Than 220 Songs That Are Too Good To Miss (Side 2)


All things considered, it’s been a fairly calm day. I almost wrote that it had been quiet — but you can’t really say that about a day that includes 220 new singles, videos, cover tunes, remixes, golden oldies, unburied treasures and live performances. As usual, you won’t see or hear most of these goodies anywhere else. Your Tinnitist-approved tracks are tagged with a ☘️. Good luck:



1Bea Miller | Jealous Of My Friends

2Nouhi’s Nomad | Angeezeh (The Shauli Sessions)

3The Lighthouse And The Whaler | I’ll Wait For You

4Phoam | Be Aware

5☘️ Superlove | Something Good

6Stars | That Girl

7Jeffk | Arcades

8Unknown Mortal Orchestra | Meshuggah

9Bullitt | The Conflict

10The Pretty Flowers | Baby Food

11☘️ Good Kid | Mimi’s Delivery Service

12☘️ Rolla | Hey You

13Written By Wolves | Give ’Em Hell

14A Cloud of Ravens | Parable

15Yet No Yokai | Coma In Paradise

16☘️ The Revivalists | The Long Con

17Velvet Beach | Uncertainty

18The Ries Brothers | Your Friday Night

19Einar Solberg | A Beautiful Life

20Newski | Airplane (ft. Ryan Miller of Guster)

21Peaking Lights | Suitcase

22☘️ Rival Cults | Heraldry

23☘️ Elite Terrorism Modulus | The Glacier Bay Water Shrew