Tinnitist TV | Episode 61: Christian Bland of The Black Angels

The Austin psyche-rocker on reading reviews, vintage gear, their new album & more.

Sometimes everything comes together. And sometimes it doesn’t.

On the plus side, the former just happened for Austin psychedelic rockers The Black Angels, who recently released their sixth and best album Wilderness Of Mirrors. Their most musically expansive and lyrically focused work, it was crafted over the course of a year in their rehearsal space and produced by their live sound engineer. Not surprisingly, it’s an album that guitarist Christian Bland is happy to talk about.

Unfortunately, that’s where the trouble starts — between the album, their impending tour and the annual Levitation Festival that the band helps organize, he had to reschedule our interview until after the LP’s release. And when we did connect on Zoom, his connection was spotty at best, forcing him to move around his house and yard to find someplace where his signal didn’t drop out or freeze up. Despite all the technical issues, I’m posting this because he was a good sport and we had a great chat between the breakdowns. Besides, in a way, all those glitches are kind of psychedelic. So bear with it and enjoy. I think you’ll be glad you did.


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